Kill Iraqis marine song probe

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. The US marines have launched a probe into a video posted on the internet that apparently shows a serving marine singing about killing Iraqi civilians.

    A spokesman described the video as "clearly inappropriate" and contrary to the standards of the marines.

    Click to watch the video

    Its a bit muffled but not that good!
  2. Utter tripe, its a fine light humoured ditty, song in a military only enviroment. What about all of those Jihadi song compliation CD's being sold by the hundred thousand?
  3. I did say it was not that good :D
  4. More PC bullshit I see.

    I am coming more and more to the view that the UK and US forces should just pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan and when all the limp wristed back stabbing t***ers including Blair and his parasites start to whine about the state of things thay should be told to get their own fat lazy bastard arrses over there and sort it out as they have all the answers (but no solutions).
  5. Just another way in which squaddie humour manifests itself. Squaddies have always sung songs that other people might raise an eyebrow at: I'm sure there are people on here who remember singing the "Malvinas Song" on the way down south in 82. And no, I wasn't there but the godfather of my children was and the kids still enjoy a rousing chorus with their uncle Nick.
  6. Even better go to and order your CD called "Live from Iraq" full of Anti Iraq Rap tracks, such as great songs like "F@#k 'Em, to be honest its a good CD written and produced in a home made recording studio in Bagdad by an American Marine Sergeant
  7. Oh god almighty,
    I thought it was going to be something bad, a bunch of lads amusing themselves?
    Better crucify them all right away.
  8. "Malvinas Song", oh, you mean the one with the line, "Napalm sticks to spics"?

    I am entirely opposed to the idea that members of the armed forces should say anything insulting about people trying to kill them. Shoot them yes, insult them no... After all they have feelings too.

    Perhaps we should offer some type of counselling...?