"Kill Everyone But the Two Muslims": Mumbai Phone Call

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yank_Lurker, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Chilling, and angering.

    Why am I not surprised that Hamid Gul is fingered as being one of the conversation participants. I had this rat figured out years ago when in an interview he smiled and said what a great holy warrior Osama bin Ladin was. India needs to arrange for that barsteward to have an accident.

    Looks like ISI was knee deep in the blood. Who's surprised?
  2. No-one. We spent an awful lot of time and money revving them up to create fundamentalist muslims unafraid of death in the 80's. Of course once the Soviets went home they had a bit of spare time. Add to that Saudi oil money and boom ! Here we are.
  3. Ah yes, that will be the CIA firefighting again, with no thought to long term strategy. Once the Soviets went home, the CIA dropped the people of Afg like a stone. Still they had a 2nd chance to get it right in 2001/2, but then got distracted with the invasion of Iraq, a rather impressive foreign policy disaster.

    I am afraid the words strategy and CIA simply don't go together.

    What next, war with Pakistan?
  4. It might resolve a few issues, but the risk of what would happen back here as a result, would be too high.
  5. Didnt we go to Afghan "to get osama"? We know where the terrorists are, in stakipan so why wouldnt we go there? Would it create a civil war here you think?
  6. The fact that India didn't respond with the 'kneejerk' reaction that this incident attempted to provoke would suggest that a dish of very cold revenge is been prepared as we speak.

  7. Go on India get stuck in there! This needs to be sorted out with as little involvement from us as possible. Am I right in thinking the Taliban/Al Qaeda actually got alot of their recruits from pakistan when we invaded in '01/'02? Or is that just rumours?
  8. All very convenient "evidence" - bit like the evidence of WOMD in Iraq ??
  9. Who cares, the Indians are on our side , ISI have it coming and it might stop their efforts against us in Afghanistan.

    Go Bhangra Lions!!!
  10. Can i ask someone with more knowledge than me why we cant cant stakipans arrse?
  11. Because they are on our side in the war against terror.

  12. Everyone knows what is going on so why aint nothing being done?
  13. Will the Kashmir dilemma ever be solved? Will Pakistan ever become a stable and well functioning state? And why, considering India's recent rise out of the economic gutter, does Pakistan remain in such disarray economically and socially?

    If ISI were involved in the Mumbai attacks, then what is to stop them doing the same here?
  14. Irrespective of tour's done, capbadge worn or badge's earnt can you imagine having a snooze on the 12th floor with the missus and kids and all that kicking off downstairs !? I would like to think I could keep them alive and get them home but with a pair of jeans and a T Shirt on you are pretty much f*cked unless you take a chance and get on your toes fast....poor buggers.
    In another would love to have seen a British/American team enter by roof and.........so on so on, poor buggers in them rooms ! :(