Kill Bin Laden


Kill Bin Laden by Dalton Fury

Just read this book, seeing all the great reviews on the internet.

Personally, it was shyte


Just badly laid out. Interesting in places but you have to dig through all the crap and cock loving which he dishes out about his fellow colleagues.

You get the feeling that they didnt want the British about either in Tora Bora, although he clearly respected them.

Fair enough to the chap though. Hopefully make a decent amount from the book, as he deserves it.

Maybe I just didnt get into it. Might read it again on second thoughts. :twisted:

might also be that it was heavily censored


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I have literally just started this book last night. The impression I got from the comments on Amazon already seem at odds with the dry, formal style of the author. Additionally, its rather hard to swallow his 'doing a fantastic job, all credit to everyone involved, "vital role", etc - in just the foreword, when all along it is a known fact that the mission was a failure.

I hope it improves when he gets into his flow and the action starts. But to be honest, warning bells were ringing in my head when he mentioned he (what kind of a porn star pseudonym is 'Dalton Fury' anyway?) was approached by the SF historical records Dept. of the U.S. Army to write an official account of the events detailed in the book. Now that would be pure tedium in itself. And I wonder at what point he went from historical recording to profiteering?

Mr Happy

the two amazon reviews are not good..

From the outset it is clear that Dalton Fury is the right authority for this book. He sets out clearly his torn reasons for writing the book, despite suffering within his own communty as a result, and the bitter need to correct speculation as to why his unit "failed" in it's task.

He presents a very detailed story which comes to life and has a ring of authenticity to it. He tells the reader enough without compromising capabilities, and the story and characters come to life in a very entertaining and informative read.

Having served in Afghanistan, I would say this offers a good insight into the frustrations of operating there-in terms of the enemy, the people and the environment-not to mention the constraints imposed by the government.

It also details something of the weapons, kit and equipment and descriptions of the wide range of tasks conducted by his Squadron, and others, as part of this operation.

Highly recommended.
and that was 13 months ago with two votes.... the other review says

A very defensive and whiny book. Badly written, after a short while it becomes repetitive, and the finish is, well, what would you expect from this op?
There must be several millions of dollars, and movies too, for the first Delta SNCO to write a best seller. But not this book.
Ah, I hope I have this right, all Dalton Fury had access to were official records and official people!. "A senior source at the White House", "a senior Pentagon official" and all that malarkey. These books are a dime a dozen, written by pretty boys who can't cut the mustard.

Good luck with it chaps :)
Theres a shite load of stuff about this on Google and U Tube. apparently his real name is Thomas Greer

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