Kifaru gear

Hi All,

I've been looking at the Kifaru website - it's a Spam company specialising in insanely complex and pricey bergens.

I've take a bit of a fancy to something called the "Tailgunner".

Stop sniggering.

It's just a sort of giant bumbag.

Looks ideal for trail running and carrying my deer stalking gear.

Before I spunk the cash, does anyone have any experience of the brand?

Are they really as good as they think they are?


I've one lent to me in my workshop at the moment , It's a well made Pack made of 1000 denier Cordura ,number 10 ykk zip , 5x25mm 6061 alloy , IRR proof buckles ( khaki colour) covered with pals/molle webbing .
I've talked with Mel the Military Guy at Kifaru a very up and up guy.
The packs are heavy and do cost a lot but are well made.
The Green is a bit lighter colour than a US Olive and lot lighter that a UK Olive Cordura.
Yours Adam
I've got their EMR and Scout While pricey, I think it's worth it. Used the EMR whilst I was on in ex in Norway. It's about 120L fully extended. Very comfortable shoulder straps and waist belt.
The Scout I use as a day/patrol pack with my fighting order; Again, very comfortable pack.

They do custom colours, so if you want a pack done in DPM and you can get the material, they'll build with the material you supply.

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