Kiev and the Ukraine

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Travelgall, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. Anybody know any decent boozers in Kiev? Looking for classy cocktails with fit birds and no leather jacketed men. Anybody recommend anthing fun to do. Organising a stag there shooting lots of guns, looking at the waterpark for a bit of fun too.
  2. Went there a few years back for a Scotland game and had to run a gauntlet of hate every day from the local yobs! But we had a great time. We stayed in a hotel just on the edge of the city can't remember the name though. The war memorial is a cracking visit it's on top of a hill by the mahoosive statue. If you venture into the city try and get to the underground shopping complex there are some good bars etc around there. In the square you should be able to look at a set of steps if your facing them turn around and you will see a bank to your right follow the bank until the road bends and up the side street there is an Irish bar!! befor turning right look left and there should be an entrance to the underground walkways go down there and look for a large beer barrel which is actually a door to a wee bar, In there you will find some of the best steak and other food served, The Burds ar'nt to bad either!!!! I spent 4 days there and came back pickled!!!! There is a DISCO boat moored on the river which is a good night but all the Burds ar eGas Cookers @$300 a pop!!!!!
  3. Visiting Chernobyl can be fun.

    For 130 USD you will get a ride there from Kiev (2 hour ride), a luxury dinner and a full day in Chernobyl. And its not a joke. More info Solo East Travel

    One individual told me that he even managed to bribe local military to do some shooting in a forest with AK-47. Don't know how much truth is in that but you can always try. But there is military living on the outskirts and also some resettlers on farms on the outside. There is a scientist that lives on the outskirts that farms and eats fruits and vegetable grown by him there. Well everyone needs 'five a day'.

    I was also advised to take a radiation counter in case I fancy going there. Its apparently better to avoid areas with high radiation.....I would never guess :)

    have fun
  4. Already doing a Soviet Bloc Weapons Familirisation day. Ak's RPG's etc. I know about Priypiat, would have loved to have gone, but the missus has managed to persuade my Best Man that we're not allowed to go there - something about wanting kids or something.

    Any more tips for boozers, I want something pretty to look at but chichi with cocktails as well - i.e. not full of brasses and their lobotomised gibbon in a leather jacket pimps.