Kieth Vaz

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Oh yes happy fcking saturday :)
  2. It's about time that Vaz was brought to account. Well done the Daily Mail for daring to expose this machiavellian sleazebag. And it appears that British judges are learning to stand up to those who play "the race card" too often; hope yet for the Met?
  3. The judge was incensed because of political interference? Well he must be a rare one. It's not unusual for them to use the loophole of "public policy" to fly in the face of precedent and statute and insure a conviction when told to do so by the powers that be. As for Vaz...a long time coming if, and a very big if, he is found guilty and punished.
  4. Just go back and look at his smug grin again, because i dont know about you, but i'd fcuking love to punch the tw4t. These MP's are all the same. :evil:
  5. Bunch of theiving, backslapping, corrupt CNUTS!!!! Fcuk me its getting like some communist kleptocracy in this country, these fcuking scum are so drunk on their own sense of power they think they can get away with anything, they need turfing out NOW! The most disgusting example of playing the race card I've read, need to sort the legalities out there cos thats taking the p1ss...Anti-racism laws were brought in cos no one wants to see some black lad beaten to death by a racist copper, not to enable slimy, theiving scum like this to get off the hook...
  6. Got to agree with OLDBIGHEAD all these people seem to do is look after themselves and their own, it really makes me sick.

    I am with you there Bradstyley
  7. Vaz is a Cnut of the highest order, but has been investigated for sleaze several times before, particularly on his days on Leicester city council. He used to be a minister until he got mired in the sleazy stuff a few years ago, he seems to revel in the abuse of his position to gain favours! By sucking up to Cyclops he managed to get himself onto an influential committee.

    It wasnt surprising that he would be somewhere involved in the Black Police Association.

    I suppose scum attracts scum.
  8. Do any of you really, really think that Vaz will get his comeuppance? Just look back across the vast swathe of lying, cheating, defrauding, thieving politicians who have faced inquiries under this 'New' Labour administration. As long as he is prepared to brazen it out, and I think you'll agree that Vaz is a past master at doing so, the machine will appoint a sympathetic chair of an inquiry, schedule it for some time next year, the media will move on and the outcome of the report will be slipped out on a classic 'bury bad news day'. The report will mildly criticise the way that Vaz's actions could be misinterpreted by the public (i.e it is our fault for not understanding the role of a politician who, unlike 'normal people', has the integrity to suspend all considerations of his personal friendship in order to discharge his public duty) but he will be exonerated of any wrongdoing.

    Oh, and if it looks like it might go wrong, he can always deploy the traditional chaff and flare as employed so recently by senior policemen Tariq Ghauffur and Ali Desai to point out that it is all a racist plot by the predominantly white establishment.
  9. Properly reported even a mild criticism may stick to this tw*t, as there is no smoke without fire and the fire brigade has been called out on at least 3 occasions!

    Hopefully Liarbour will be out of power by the time any report is done into his activities. The judiciary should never be interfered with by the ruling party, or things do start to smell!
  10. BAb - 100% with you but I bet you're not up for putting a fiver that anything will actually happen to this cnut.
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Ok mate your on. £5 if you match it, either way the £10 goes to H4H that way we both win.
  12. I'm up for that. A fiver to H4H if Vaz appears in a national rag during the next week, claiming loudly that he's being racially abused, the poor dear.
  13. Jobs a good 'un. And I promise to put 100 knicker in if the fecker actually goes down for being the corrupt, troughing barsteward that he is.

    Although it will probably end up as him being His Lordship of Someshitholeorother :evil:
  14. To me the disturbing matter is that none of the other UK papers has picked it up neither has it been mentioned on the Beeb's World Service.
    Looks like he walk.