Kieth Vaz has found out what we all knew anyway...

After months of poking around and asking obvious questions to obvious people the Home Affairs Committee have found out what every Arsser already knew]
God forbid one of those Parliamentary committees reaches a rapid conclusion. Just think of how much taxpayers money could be saved by not forking out for all those refreshments, overnight expenses and travel claims. Cynical, me?

Oh, and Vas is a smarmy twonk.
Keith Vaz is truly the Minister of Stating The Bleeding Obvious.

I quoted him a while back as saying something like "Was finking...You know those rioters, yeah? We don't want that, it is bad."

Nice one Keith you big round floppy fart.
Shadow Minister shirley!

Dare I call him a shadow?

Do you mind me calling you Shirley?
Ah, good old Keith Vaz, the smarmy little twonk. Accused of taking brown envelopes stuffed with cash but developed a medical problem when the investigation got going. Got suspended from parliament for a while for making false accusations against a policewoman. Once said he would never endorse a white candidate for Leicester City Council. And many, many other things. The good and great who rule over us, hey?
Good old Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz. If you Google this man, three of the associated links at the bottom of the page are as follows:

"Keith Vaz corruption"
"Keith Vaz sleaze"
"Keith Vaz court"

Says it all really.
Keith Horses Wazz he should be renamed. The man is another one of the corrupt members of parliament........I wouldnt piss on the cunt if he was on fire unless I pissed pure avionics fuel........

Here endeth the lesson

Do I win five pounds????
Its a toss up as to which I hate most in parliament. Vaz or Hain. Did not Vaz pepper his statement with remarks about right wing posting. Just to ensure those who warn about the enemy within and what they are up to, Liverpool Crown Court today, are equally smeared.

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