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Ok, serious discussion if possible and some comments from MOD's would be welcomed. Ive seen over the last day or so a lot of sympathy from ARRSE members re Ivan Cameron, to the point where a MOD kind of banned any abusive comments from being posted...... BUT, over the last few years, how many Maddie threads and posts have there been where ARRSE members have let rip with a full box with little or no moderation?

Im impartial to the whole thing but curious as to where, if any, the boundaries lie and what is "of limits".



I did notice the wheelchair for sale thread in the NAAFI was gone this morning. Theres been, as you've said, numerous threads which are in extremely poor taste which have been allowed to run.

I think I know why the Cameron threads have been heavily moderated, but I don't have to justify it.....


The limit is where you pause for a second over the "submit" button, wondering whether you'll get an O2 tag, the topic will be deleted, you'll get banned, people will think you're a cnut.

I reckon that we all know the limit but some bellends choose to go past and post shit about a dead kid anyway.
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