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Kids twatting their parents..

On the other hand we have children locally whose parents are only 14 years older than them, with grandparents under 30 and great grandparents who are not eligible for a pension. I doubt any of those seniors have any respect for any form of discipline unless it is likely to affect their benefits.
Had any of them passed their cycling proficiency?
You should be able to back hand both imho.

The reason why have so many gobby little fkers is because they've never had any consequence for their actions and no-one has ever stood up to them (or haven't been allowed to).

I don't condone beating someone senseless, it depends entirely on the context. If the kid starts getting violent towards the mum or starts swearing and smashing things up then a wallop can add an entirely new perspective to life.

That bad lads army that was on telly a few years ago would have worked for all the bad lads had the corporal and Sgt been allowed to lock them up for a week with bread and water or give them the occasional slap of encouragement.

Children can't be educated though fear, but they can be disciplined.
This is one the best blokes you will meet, helped me a bloody lot

If you are a member, Cranwell mate
None of my three lads have ever shown any inclination to violence towards either myself or herself. The reason for this is quite simple, their psychotic mother scares the hell out of the lot of us and x10 more because she's a ginger.

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