Kids "right's" outweigh parental control

OK, I think we are getting closer and closer to letting the inmates run the a new parent and believe it not a child once myself this recent decision by the Washington State Supreme(ly dumb) Court has me scratching my head.

The gist of it is "Parents can't eavesdrop on their children, becasue children have a right to privacy"

WTF :?: Since when do children have rights :?:

Parents are shackeled by such cr@p "law", all the while still being held criminally and civilly liable for the actions of their offspring. What's next parents can't ground their sprogs without due process for fear of violating the ankle bitter's right?

Rant over back to scratching my head and wondering.... 8O
Whatever happened to a parents right to protect their children, even from themselves. Kids have some funny ideas and often need to be steered in correct direction.

Just more proof that the entire west coast of the US is insane.

"Don't like it here son? Want to call the authorities? You first have to make it to the phone ALIVE!" :evil:
Have you heard about the parents that got so fed up of there kids their on strike :lol:
woody said:
Have you heard about the parents that got so fed up of there kids their on strike :lol:
I have had a go at this - and it really works. Kids (especially when they reach about 16) tend to forget that they live in the lap of luxury - everything gets done for them and they live in what they think is a hotel. As soon as they realise that they need to wash and iron their own clothes, cook their own food (which they had previously bought from the supermarket - once they remembered that they had to buy food in the first place) and tidy their own rooms, wash their own bedding (in a the local laundarette - not using my electricity for free) they soon come around to your way of thinking. I know it sounds a bit harsh, but they need the occasional metaphorical 'slap' to bring them back into line.
maninblack said:
Well stuff me up the cat flap with a and CTAUCH in agreement.

Wonders never cease!

I agree with you! SERIOUSLY.
It's Christmas time miracles happen 8O
Beatings on a regular basis, put out to the local work house, more beatings, a culinary delight of dried bread and water, more beatings, seen and not heard, reward due to good behaviour, not the other way round, beatings, an education of respect towards authority, beatings, the acceptance that I do know what is best for my children, the occasional disciplinarian slap, 10 year olds do not know more than a 30 +, do as you are told, beatings, there is no such answer as 'no' or 'what?', walk before you can run, learn what it means to have nowt only then can you understand what it means to work for your living and not take for granted that everyone owes you the world by default, a parent does actually know more than a child- the Teletubbies are not the Dali Lama, only people who have actually brought up children should be able to pass laws concerning how children are brought up, two poofs/carpet munchers cannot give a child a balanced out look on life, sitting in front of the TV/Playstation eating nothing more than McDonalds will make a child fat, you do not need a license to breed, you do not need to pass a test to bring up children, DNA profiling should be law prior to fcukwits breeding, sterilization to chavs should be law, 'exotic names' for children do more harm than good - what’s wrong with John or Jane?, children should be made to watch old 'public information broadcasts', the green cross code man was God, a liberal issuing of purposeful beatings, a bedroom with nothing more than a copy of 'Victor, Commando/Jackie' and a box of lego and fuzzy felts - this will ensure children actually have a fcuking imagination, not something pushed into there brains by some poncy PR tosser who works for Toys 'R' Fckukin Us, the will of a child is not stronger than its parent/parents - if this is true, the parents should be shot for being weak, above all - I have the right to do what I feel is necessary to prepare my children for the world in which we have made for them (as a caveat, those parents that wish to parade their kids in footie tops and use them as an accessory or who fit the bill as a chav/pleb/pikey should have their children removed for reprogramming).

Basically, equating the bringing up of children to the bringing up of a good working Spaniel. If you treat the dog as an 'equal', it will 5hit in the house forever, not retrieve downed game, do as it wants, and generally not be of good breeding stock. It needs to know who the boss is due to the boss having a few more years under it's belt in the evolution scheme of things. It is actually quite happy at someone being the pack leader. If you dont assume that role, it will just take the pi55.

Victorian Father, he gets my vote. He allowed his children to own and run an Empire.

Children have rights the day they become adults. They then have the RIGHT to enlist and do their duty to the state, which has protected them for their first 18 years.
Anyone who abuses children should be delt with most severely by the said state.
jonwilly, this is the problem though, define 'abuse of children'? And who decides? The kids? The Govn of the day? The parents?

Is instilling a disciplined frame of mind with a useful out look on the world they will be confronted with 'abuse'? Or moreover, allowing them to go unprepared to the outside world 'abuse'?

It is a fine line but who should be defining this line?
Never did me any harm! lol (twitch twitch) It is a fact that children are maturing faster than in our day, and as we all know this is media driven, when teenage girls mags have articles on oral sex and different positions what hope do we have, we had to scavenge for well thumbed copies of fiesta chucked out of truckers windows, our parents didnt subscribe to them for us! Its sad very sad, I built my lad a big playtower in the garden last year, put a flagpole on with pre requisite Union Flag, slide swing, the lot and covered it with some buckshee cam net from the shed (still stunk of sheepshit lol) and yeah credit due he used it for a while, then went round to his mates and came back with "Camerons got a playstation in his room, and a dvd and a video" 7 years old!
How the fcuk am I meant to instill values of the outdoors, teamwork and imagination when other parents just succumb to the media driven hype of "what kids should have"? It is the constant peer pressure scenario, but having read and participated in the " 36 yrs or older" thread in the NAAFI bar, who are the richer people,us or them? Maybe that fcuckin lezza psychologist off that "Little Angels" program can tell us the answers ! he he
What's my point? At what point did the media and government take over our right to raise our children in a way that taught respect, values, imaginination, creativity and above all aspiration to do better than our parents ever thought we could achieve.
The Amish may have thier faults but it is actually looking like a rather good way of life. And I'm sure they would never resort to 'I told you so'!!

The Flashearts latest mode of transport.

Flasheart about to go 'on the pi55'

Flasheart 'Towers' Des res.
maninblack you think agreeing with ctauch is a wonder!
i agree with flashy ffs!! 8O

i think that goes beyond a crimbo miracle meself...

(edited to assist my dyslexic fingers)
"It is a fine line but who should be defining this line?"

Not an easy question.
I do not want to be flipant but if a person is considered fit to be a parent then they must be the guiding source.
My father was an old coal miner. He used to tell the tale, of when he was young the local Town Council employed a 'Cruelty Man'.
If it was brought to their attention that Mr. X was abusing his wife or children the Cruelty Man visited.
He was by tradition a large former copper or ex forces, both I will suggest.
He explained in the most basic of ways the rules of life to the offender.
Was said to work, an example of Public private partnership.
We don't have television, playstation, Xbox, Nintendo or any of that cr*p in our house although they do have Empire Earth and Sims on the computer. If there's something worth watching, Grandma videos it and we watch it at her house as a family. My children make clay models, do glass painting etc, carve sticks with their penknives and build camps. We go dog-walking and they're trained to respond to the dog's whistle. They were taught at an early age about marketing men devising passing fads with which to relieve them of their pocket money and chose to spend their limited wealth on less transient items such as airfix, air rifle pellets and books. They're contemptuous of soaps and wouldn't eat at MacD's if they were paid. And it's very difficult to find friends for them - most kids just aren't interested if it hasn't got a screen and my daughter (age 11) has no interest in playing Jailbait which cuts out many of the local females of similar age.

I'm very, very strict but, if they can prove I'm being unfair, I am open to negotiation. We do loads together and are good friends but the bottom line is that I'm the boss and there is a line which they cross at their peril.

My two watched open mouthed when a neighbour's children told their parents that they "fr*gging well won't" and nothing happened........ The parents are lovely people and don't like argument with the result that they're counting the days until their children leave home.

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap"
FFS!!! Flash, quit making so much sense! :wink:

The other day one of my son's friends was having lunch with us. The little cretin said something incredibly vulgar to the wife and before I could say anything, my son reached over and back handed the tw*t in the chops! Told him to act like a human being or get out. After that, he acted like a right and proper young man.

The boy sounded just like me! Never been prouder of the lad! :D
blimey, CORPS 2 the movie.... smaller versions eeeeekkkkkkk :wink:
do they sell condoms in Florida by the way???? :lol:
You missed the new year sales me dears, you got kids!
smiley mislaid also until now :wink:
Bugger, I cant even post properly........ gettin me coat....

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