Kids' party invite? £10 a head say Blairs....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pigshyt_Freeman, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. If true, and it wouldn't suprise me if it was, it shows how despicable he is. I also note that he has now stated that any pupil who can't afford it won't have to pay as he will cover the cost. How ******* nice of him. What everyone should do is just not turn up...that would send him a big **** off Blair.
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  2. So they have to go cap-in-hand to him for revocation of the charge. Possibly with evidence of their financial circumstances.
  3. I bet little Leo is a popular little boy after this.
  4. You seem to have missed it, the ground for his seemingly bottomless character flaw and his inate miserlyness (with his money not ours) he is a porridge wog afterall!
  5. This bloke never ceases to amaze me...
  6. Ah, but married to a Scouser. His miserliness is combined with her unshakeable belief in her entitlement to anything she wants - provided without cost to, or effort by, herself.
  7. Just when you thought that grinning spiv and his appalling wife couldn't sink any lower...

    What complete and utter, utter *****.
  8. I bet he sends begging letters to lottery winners
  9. Ah, £10-00 a head..... cheap. Maybe the Kids who go there will get a Free Bag of Goodies costing One pound form 'Poundland'......
  10. Someone please tell me why we continue to fund millions for police security at this twat's multiple residences. At most, he should get a minimal team at one primary residence (and that is being generous, he can afford his own private security).
  11. Does any other former PM have to pay for theirs, no matter how (un)popular they were?
  12. Because he is an bigoted, egotistical, money grabbing ****
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  13. If it's to do with his ME role then I hope we aren't footing the bill but I rather suspect we are.
  14. I believe it goes on "Profile" Blair upset more (Foreigners/Shouty shooty people) than say John Major did so therefore he gets a bigger wedge, yes.