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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by woolyback_bastard, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. I have a 14 year old daughter who is with the air cadet's at Odiham, I know what happened to army cadets? I tried and failed, however she has now been issued with her combats and boots.

    She wants to come on arrse asking questions occasionally about things to do with army, crabs and kit she can get for cadet camp ect. However, I do have some concerns, my child exploring NAAFI ect would not go down well with the missus and I would too feel sever pain in the nether regions if this happened.

    Is there a way I can allow her access to arrse, where should could say only go to training wing? Any help would be most appreciated.

  2. There's a heavily moderated thread about female recruits on one of the other boards. I think that your man Forestero moderates it.
  3. She could go on, but some of the regular posters are terribly chippy, dull and unpleasant on there.

    As for cadet kit, somewhere I have a list of the better internet suppliers that I did for my cadets. Cadet Direct and the Cadet Kit Shop are okay, but there prices can usually be beaten by a few of the less greedy operations. I'll dig it out and e-mail it to you if you want.
  4. I'd appreciate that if you could do.
  5. Arrse is still arrse, even outside of the Naffi things can get rude, lewd, nasty, etc. So if you are concerned for your offspring direct her to another site instead, such as It isn't just for Army Cadets, there are ATC there too. You could do any searches on here yourself instead and pass on appropriate content without the !*!*? stuff.
  6. Two things, One what in all seriousness do you think the consequences of her actually coming on here?
    Secondly presuming her eyeballs haven't melted I guarantee that she's exposed to far worse in the modern world of the teenager, and I mean that it's not much different to when you or I were a teenager.
    Not meaning that as an insult just curious that you think at 14 she shouldn't be viewing something like ARRSE.
  7. She is a young woman, tell her the truth, the site is full of dirty old men who will ask for photographic evidence.

    My teenagers (or rather their friends) have opened my eyes to what they must be aware of, overheard conversations with 2 girls one cup mentioned. My son proudly announced he and his friend were sent links to a horrible website where old men with errrrrrrr I think they were friends dad (raging hard ons) were writhing in the showers. This website could not be shut down by the usual means, a ctrl alt del was the only thing that would stop it.

    He and his friend started it on approximately 15 pcs/laptops in Kendals in Manchester
  8. As Llech said, Arrse is tame when you think she could be visiting pro anna sites etc.
  9. Thanks everyone for advice, I think the final comment about pro anna sites just about says it all. You know what is like, I agree I'm probably being a over protective old man. If you have a son you tell him to go out and fill his boots when it comes to your daughter your dread and little gob shite trying to get his hands inside her draws.
  10. If you have to ask those questions, don't let on about arrse.