Kids Of KIA Servicemen Since 1990 To Get Free Uni

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by carlbcfc, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. CHILDREN of service personnel killed in action are to get £8,200 a year to put them through university.

    From today, they will receive £3,200 for tuition fees and £5,000 for living expenses under an education scholarship scheme.

    Payments will continue after fees rise up to £9,000, meaning some children will get £14,000 a year. Universities minister David Willetts said the scheme gave service personnel "protection for the education of their children".

    He added: "Even when money is tight and with tuition fees rising, we are committed to this scheme."

    Children of service personnel killed in action to get £8k a year for uni | The Sun |News|Campaigns|Our Boys
    Wont cost them a fortune, but will be a nice helping hand to those that do qualify. Cheap way of buying votes, or a nice gesture?
  2. Wouldn't have thought it'll win over that many votes, may actually just be politicians not being self serving bastards for once. I know I'm scared and confused too.
  3. And now watch for the present students complain how unfair it is that they have to "pay" for their education, instead of being subsidised by HMG.
  4. Hope it's not to good to be true.
    The parent paid the ultimate Price, be good to think their children will get a boost.

  5. Wonder if this applies in Scotland as well.
  6. It could cost them a fooking fortune if all those R'n'R bastard babies tip up for Uni! :)
  7. Good scheme, should have been in years ago. I give it 12 out of 10.

    Is this the sop to ease the axe on CEA?
  8. Seconded!!
  9. Great idea but can I correct one point , it is not HMG paying it is ,as usual , the tax payer . For once I am glad my taxes are going to a good cause ,
  10. Nice plan. I just hope it's not an empty promise ....

  11. It is; HMG is funded through taxation.
  12. This is long overdue. I was fortunate enough to be a visiting officer to a widow at the start of TELIC, an extremely humbling experience. The Americans provided the promise of funding any future education for her and her children at any time she wished to apply. Something that went to the wayside at the time, when she was going through the grieving process, but now an outstanding way to stay clear of student debt for her children. If this UK plan is true, imho it is a small, but excellent, way to say thankyou to those families whose partners (?) and spouses have made the ultimate sacrifice.
  13. The cynic in me is thinking this as well. I just hope that this doesn't become an empty promise with goalposts being moved at a later date.
  14. After that w4nkers (charlie gilmour in his spreay on jeans and foppy hair cut) performance last time, they'd be on the back foot from the start. And they know it.
  15. Thirded. While I have a pathological hatred for almost all politicians, credit where it's due.