Kids from Chernobyl

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mitchthebar, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. All day I have been hearing on the radio that they are looking for people to foster childen from Chernobyl for four weeks at a time. I have been thinking about it, because, at this time of year, just imagine the electricity you could save, they glow in the dark so you won't need the lights on and I'm sure they give off quite a lot of heat so you save on gas fro the central heating aswell.
  2. Get some kids from Sellafield: Remember, Charity begins at home
  3. 21 YEARS since Chernobyl and still no sign of any super hero's
  4. Wrong forum I know. But the four weeks they are away from there, gives them something like 2 - 3 years extra on their lives. I have never done it, don't know what the Forces thinks of it to be honest (ie using Pads).

    Have gave it some thought from time to time.

    On the flip side, just think of the CBRN training you could get in whilst they were with you!!!
  5. I Think it's worthwhile, I met one of those kids when I was younger because a friend of the family fostered him from time to time. It was the best time of his life even though his was living with the sickness.
  6. As Montgomery (Burns) once said:

    Every silver lining..
  7. If this fallout sh'it was as bad as they make out, surely post Hiroshima/Nagasaki Japan would be an island populated by filthy little yellow mutants slurping raw food down their gullets.
  8. Finding one with a couple of extra arms might come in handy if you need to paint the house.