Kids Company Charity Down The Tubes

As part of my resettlement, I attended the Alliance Manchester Business School Course for Senior Swots and during the NFP phase the 'Kidz Company' was the case study for two issues:
  1. How not to run a charity; and,
  2. The 'Halo' effect colliding with the unchallenged bullying nature of Camilla Batmanghelidjh.
According to the lecturer who had worked with her and the charity, Camilla B oozed charisma and she used this to great effect to hoover money from the Government, with David Cameron over-ruling senior civil servants (IIRC the Cabinet Secretary) who expressed 'grave concerns' about financial propriety within the charity.

Maybe Scameron should pay it back out of his own pocket, since he likes her so much.
Curtain fabric manufactures got together and lobbied on her behalf.

this might have been one Armbruster Manufacturing Co. | Circus Tents.

Here we go, here's the start of the march for retribution and compo:

How can that appear on "Womans Hour". surely Womans Hour is for women or those who claim to be so, Camilla cannot fit any description in my imagination of Woman, or even remotely human.
Here we go, here's the start of the march for retribution and compo:

IIRC there were lots of safety-net arrangements to help the 'clients' after KC failed, yet there were mysteriously few struggling, starving, helpless 'clients' who turned up to be helped. Or am I imagining those reports from that time?


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Who was the BBC director that they forgot to name?
There has been a lot work done behind the scene in the past few months to get this outcome.

I thought that the powers that be were going to appeal the non-decision by the lady judge?
Nowah - what is your cutoff between Gen Y and Gen Z? There's never a definitive answer when I look these things up, apparently I'm a millennial.

Just from my observations of a very limited sample, most of them still couldn't give a **** and are more interested in shagging, drinking, drugs and occasionally passing exams. These are (almost entirely) soft middle-class kids that you would think would be prime recruiting for the woke/BLM/Antifa groups and yet they walked into my room claiming "I identify as an attack helicopter", "there are only 2 genders", "you can't be born gay" etc. Edit - in 2019, things are a bit dated due to COVID.

From what I see the issue isn't so much the debate, brainwashing, information (whatever you want to call it) but that they seem to be forming political opinions much earlier and those opinions tend to be stronger.

The loud egotistical bellends are still involved in organised student politics as they always have been. The truly apathetic don't care as they always have. The mainstream are being more involved and polarised earlier and, due to the social media echo chamber on both sides, aren't learning to debate ideas, they are learning to shout down and ignore the opposition. The 'identifying as attack helicopter' bellends (who were bellends, irrespective of their political stance) had clearly lifted a viewpoint wholesale without any original input or analysis.

No idea on the solution.
In the same way that the bicycle was hailed as the single most effective deepener of the gene pool, SM is the main contributor to the early adoption of d*ckheaded ideas...

When I was at school, the ‘edgy’ kids (who wanted to edit the school paper) were the ones scrawling ‘Shin Fain’ [sic] on their desks (They only got this from the news headlines which they saw when ‘The Magic Roundabout” ended.) or ranting about independence (Jock school where I was one of 5 English kids).
Amusingly, the smarter of these kids, (who avoided the Buckie and became teachers) are now approaching retirement and will have noticed that despite their best efforts, neither situation has really changed.
Short version - D*ckheads are now just slightly better more informed D*ckheads.

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