Kids behind bars

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by growler, Aug 26, 2005.

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  1. I caught the last bit of this programme last night. I have seldom seen
    such a sad group of people. This was chavery at its most pathetic. None of them seemed to understand or be bothered to try to understand their actions. It was not only the lack
    of remorse shown but a sense that they were aware that this was going
    to be how the rest of their lives would be and that there was no alternative,
    almost as if jail was some sort of sanctuary.
  2. Children behind bars.... what an exellent suggestion!
  3. It was "Chav central" you might as well book them a place in the "Scrubs" and Holloway right now.......
  4. This is why I want the birch back.

    If they don't know what they are doing is wrong, they should at least be able to associate pain with doing wrong.
  5. Bin 'three strikes and you're out', how about three birchings and you're toast? If after that much pain theropy you still don't know that you're doing wrong you should be topped.... end of!

    Sooner or later the thrill of showing off to their friends will lose it's charm..... when they don't have very many friends left.
  6. How could they show off to their mates?

    After a good few strokes, in public, of the Birch what would they say...
    "Yeah, I'm well hard me, DON'T TOUCH THE BACK , AH AH."

    "Sorry lads I'd get the next round in but my back is glued to my shirt and any movement will cause immense pain"
  7. Texas legislator Jim Pitts has proposed a bill that would allow the state to execute murderers as young as 11.

    But why stop there, Jim ? for kids under five, what about the lectric high chair ?

    Or you could leave them alone with a fork and a power point............

    Still Jim has a point. Executing children would be so much easier. It takes a dozen guards to force an adult into the chair, but with kids, you just turn the music off and they rush to sit down.

    Traditionally, death row inmates are allowed to order anything they like for their last meal. As a result, Jim Pitts has commissioned McDonalds to design a special "McSad Meal" for the little killers.

    Not surprisingly, opponent of Jim's Bill say its inhuman to execute 11 year olds. You should keep them on death row untill their 17 th birthday, then kill them.

    Just a little humour there....... leaving now.
  8. There was me thinking the thread was about underage Bar Staff!!

    Seriously though....there is little mentioned about the parents role in this.....My view is that if the parents are fit enough to raise children, then the kids won't get themselves into all of this trouble in the first place.

    Having said that, my eldest of 4 kids is now a dad, I'm fcuking dreading the next 5 years with him.....and the youngest is 3......15 years to go.....and he's a little bugger most of the time.....although it's always me they want a cuddle with when they have a problem.

    I teach my kids to fear the law, respect their elders (except strangers.....:( )and never lie to them (except about Santa, Mickey Mouse, and replies to "daddy.....why where you lying on top of Mummy when I came into your bedroom just now??)

    IMHO young offenders should be whisked away from their parents to a correctional institution that will not release them until they have learned a) the error of their ways, b) a proper vocation that allows them to support themselves financially and leaglly and c) finished their withdrawl symptoms from drugs, violence and Burberry hats.

    With enough enforced discipline, they might just stand a chance, and not even need to return to their old family home, but perhaps to another town where they could be placed into their vocational job, given support throughout (along with a certain amount of probationary vigilence)

    For those of you who might cry "why should the tax-payer support this??" I would say "how much does it cost to keep them returning to prison in the future, and how much cost to the tax-payer when they are stealing, mugging, TWOCing, murdering, while they are outside ?"


    PS...just saw the comment about the "McSad" meal....:lol:
  9. The little rat faced scrote at the end of programme was sentenced to life but was only expecting to serve 4 years. When asked whether he understood what that meant he said that he realised that he would be on license after release but fully expected to be back inside within weeks because the police would "stitch him up" as they had done previously. Poor little innocent my arrse!
  10. Growler

    This is exactly what I mean. We need to change the rehabillitation system so that we FORCE the scrotes to go straight. I won't bang on about enforced "Boot Camp" type environments for these offenders.....but we need to give these kids a chance to prove that they can learn to become decent citizens, as they've probably never been taught it at home.

    Do you remember "A Clockwork Orange" and the methods of making "Ultra Violence" sickening to the offenders?? Well why not take a similar line with these people? They are young enough to learn, given enough shock tactics. Wear them down to total obedience, then build them up to a worthwhile human being again. Sounds a bit like Basic Training (which in my view has become far too slack). Why do youu think that there is a retention and discipline problem in the Army? It is because the youngsters who go through their CMSR are mollycoddled by European conventions and so do not know the real consequenses of not acting on orders without question. It's the same for these scrotes. Bad parenting can be corrected given enough "encouragement".

    The "Little Rat Faced Scrote" could end up an industry leader with a company fund helping victims of crime.
  11. I realise that I am being quite liberal in saying that I cannot imagine what sort of regime would have been necessary to have kept HIM out of trouble. It surely has to start from very early childhood and I cannot imagine, thank God, what sort of upbringing he, and the rest like him, must have had. I also watched Bad lad's army last night and, as I left the army in mid-eighties, was amazed at how one of them spoke to senior staff (albeit he is probably inside prison again by now). My point being that there is no sanction for these b*ggers. You and I would, when serving, if ordered, take our punishment and get on with it. All these have to do is say "Sod you" and be sent back home. We, as volunteers, knew or at least suspected, what we were letting ourselves in for and were prepared for the discipline/beastings etc. And it's alright banging on about European conventions and human rights Acts but I'm afraid that that has become the world that we live in so any talk of Clockwork Orange tactics is simply not feasible even if it had worked (it WAS fiction).
    My son was brought up as a squaddie kid and his mother and I divorced once I left the army. Not an ideal childhood perhaps but we both cared for him and did our best to remain as close as was possible for his sake. He went through university (with both of us doing our bit financially) and is now successfully getting on with life. My ex and I are still chums and we all meet for family parties/occasions etc. Our little scrote probably couldn't imagine a world like that.
    No offence Micky
  12. No offence received Growler....

    I was a scrote in my early life....with a minor run-in with the police (gave my parents the run-around until my mother hit the grave at 39!) I learned the error of my ways to an extent, and tried harder, but it wasn't until I joined the TA that I actually realised that I was a worthwhile member of society. It all seemed to happen for me then. Met the right Woman (still happily married) had kids and we are both working our arrses off to provide ourselves with a nice home, nice cars, nice holidays etc etc.

    Why can't that be instilled on the young offenders of today?

    I'm not saying that all of these scrotes can be transformed into upright citizens, but surely we need to bolster up the "re-education and rehabillitation" of these people? The system is badly failing the majority of them who just don't know how to break out of the cycle. We need to up the ante, and hand them a life on a plate, otherwise they will just go back to their old ways. (Bugger....I was all up for hanging them until I had a think about it after reading your intial thread!!)

  13. This is one of my favourite films, but the situation and its message is the same as Kubricks earlier film 'The Hill' about a Military Prison in Libya ' 1942. The state is only interested in breaking. Not the building up bit.

    Roddy McDowell's character was an utter wimp, who was bullied by everybody, including his stupid cowardly gang mates, who by the time he is released are in some kind of Police militia organisation (CSO's ?)

    I the Hill, all concerned are not fit to RTU, as they are all irretrievably damaged by the Brutality of the MPs.

    We have enough bullies, like the cnuty revenue inspectors on the trains, who pick on the easy targets for penalty fares, like the elderly, the lost, the confused, those sold the wrong tickets and tourists, but will completely ignore the hoody chav, who will likely stab them. The cnuty Westminster parking enforcement officer, who springs up the moment your car is stationery on a back street cul-de-sac shouting 'No sah, you kannot pak yoh cah ere'

    This is not a lesson we should be teaching. Mutual respect is the key.

    Here is my Idea. An armed society is a polite society. Give every law abiding citizen the right to concealed carry firearms. If only 5% of those eligible took up the offer, it would reduce street crime massively.
  14. There was a program setup in Scotland Airborne Scotland which did address this type of pond life. Very similar to the lad who got caught theiving in bad lads army (rooperts) last night, sort of person who has never taken responsibility for their own actions ever, everything that happens to them is always down to someone else.

    Not a boot camp as such and agonising to watch, the course leaders were saintly I would have snapped and killed them all after a couple of hours. By dint of continual gentle persuasion they managed to convince the neds that the only person screwing up their life was themsleves, those that made it to the end were utterly transformed. The attendees were sent directly by the courts as an alternative to a prison sentence, so they were not really volunteers and had long since left the last chance saloon. As the project went on they were sent increasingly more and more hopeless cases and the success rate dropped a bit, but that they managed to do anything at all with what was turning up was amazing.

    Needless to say the whole project was canned last year as being another middle class solution to a working class problem, i.e. not new labour, not invented here. Crying shame the re-offending statistics alone made it worthwhile as they would have gone to prison anyway the expense was pretty much neutral.
  15. That's exactly the kind of thing I was talking about....

    so why should we not do it here?????

    IT WORKS!!

    And so do they aftewards.......