Kids apparently copy their parents' drinking habits (BBC News)

This article features in the BBC News today: BBC News - Parents' behaviour 'can influence teen drinking'. Not sure it's the right conclusion.

Children of soldiers, especially those of 20 years ago or more, would inevitably have seen their dads a bit "under the weather", mess life being what it was in those days. Both my kids saw me reeling a few times, but they have grown up to be mature, sensible drinkers, following more closely their peer groups more than me and the wife. Not that we got slaughtered a lot, and I was always an amiable slob of an inebriate anyway.

Any views on this?
Who gives a ****?

I mean if kids see their parents happy and merry, and then go out and get a bit drunk aged 16 then good for them.

I'd suspect that if the kid had seen their dad throw up in the flowerpot every other night before giving mum a shiner, they'd be more likely to be warned off alcohol.


my son can fix the perfect G&T - thankfully at the age of 8, he still hasn't acquired the taste for it that I have. I grew up in an alcohol fuelled Military home and have just as much disrespect for the sauce as my parents did, however I do draw the line at redecorating the exterior of the passenger side of the car like my Stepfather did after every mess do.
Excellent, mine will grow up drinking Hi5 and SiS. Have a taste for decent whisk(e)y, and enjoy the bottle of red. Following on I should have a taste for shit cheapo German lager, poteen, Mateus Rose or whatever that crap was the drank in the 1960s.

Kids will make their own decisions too. If it was a matter of just copying Mum and Dad they'd put bloody stuff in the dishwasher, take their schoolbags upstairs and stop watering the next door neighbours dog with the jetwash.....

Ooops or is that just ours?


No I don't reckon I've copied my parents drinking habits... If I was like my mum I would be completely tee total. If I was like my dad I'd wake up in A&E having been found unconscious flat on my back by the rozzers at 3am.

As it stands I drink on special occasions, nights out and have drinks with my extended family every few weeks. If anything I've learned from my parents with them being polar opposites - not drinking at all = boring ....drinking too much = losing your wallet/ending up in hospital. So I try to drink what I know I can handle.

Ok every so often when I've had a hard few days I maybe drink more than I can handle and end up with blackouts and a hangover next day but most of the time I'm sensible enough to know when to stop and even when blotto my mates tell me stories of me being wasted but sensible on nights out (organising taxis/rescuing people from predatory munters relying on beer goggled people to get laid/rescuing people from bouncers/diffusing fights).

On the other hand my brother is exactly like my dad in his drinking habits... "Hello...Mr Boozy's dad .. yes this is ********* hospital... is your son home?" - "No he never came home last night why?" - "We have him here in hospital, it seems he fell backwards drunk off a wall with a 20ft drop on the other side"

Like father like son!
How will that stand up in court when I tell the judge that it's genetics. It's not my fault I like drinking my own ****, and they were bound to want to try it at some point??
Hmm interesting idea, my parents were both teetotal, I drink very little.
My wife's parents are tripping around the borders of alchoholicism, my wife drinks very little.

My kids, as far as I know drink very little.

There is no discernible pattern.

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