Kidney problems

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by yearwood99, May 25, 2007.

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  1. I'm posting on behalf of a friend who wanted to join the Rifles. 2 years ago he had a kidney stone which past naturally and he had no surgery and no reoccurance but he has been turned down for service because he has been told the British Army has a blanket kidney stone no acceptance rule. I hope any of you guys can give some more info on this.

  2. Well, this is my field on interest, but I'm afraid I can't tell from your post what information exactly is it that you want.

    Are you asking if the British army has "a blanket kidney stone no acceptance rule"? I don't do medicals, but if that's what he was told then I'm sure it's true. It certainly makes good sense.

  3. Oh, and if you ask why it makes good sense:

    50% of people who have a kidney stone will have a recurrence in the following eight years. Being 2 years free from stones is not a good predictor of long term outcome. If you have formed a stone, you are more likely than the average member of the public to form more.

    When are you most likely to form a stone? Well, being transferred to a warmer than usual climate...

  4. In fact, one of the highest rates of stone formation worldwide is the Middle East (i.e., even amongst Arabs there).

    Can you see why they might be reluctant to take him on? 'Course he could sign on for "Home Duties Only"... (e.g., ACF). They might take him for that, but then again, probably not.

  5. Thanks that is the info he was after. Would you know if medicals can be appealed he has been given conflicting info on this so far, but his last letter did say that a kidney stone was no entry.
  6. In short, no I wouldn't know. I don't do medicals, and I haven't been in long enough to know if they can be appealed. Would seem a bit unlikely though... After all, does the army trust the MO doing the medical or not?

    Good luck (to your "friend"),

  7. i used to have kidney trouble.......

    (old ones are still old)
  8. FF is this a dehydration issue?
  9. Can you join the forces if you only have one kidney assuming that you were born that way?

    On a wider point, is a person with one kidney classed as having a disability?
  10. Kind of. It is a result of the physiological response to concentrating urine to prevent dehydration. Which is probably what you are getting at.

    If you were to drink enough water, you'd probably ameliorate this effect. There are other issues, though, such as increased hydroxylation of hydroxycholecalciferol (the precursor to vitamin D) into vitamin D because of increased sun exposure.

    The "heat effect" is probably predominant, but both explain the increased incidence in the Middle East, and in the British summer (vs. winter).

  11. No idea, I've never done a selection medical.

    Absolutely not. It is an anatomical variant of normal.