Kidney for sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Bowser-Mong, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. I am hard up at the moment so am selling my kidney. It is well used and was pickled from 1989-1998. It has also been repeatedly punched and once had to have a bit of help with dialysis.

  2. £10 is a bit steep unless it is in fact your only kidney! If so I will start the bidding, my next door neighbour's black lab will eat anything!

    (I am of course only joking. I gave up trading in human organs since ebay put me out of business)
  3. any spare limbs ? looking for at least one good arm ( with hand) would rather like to take up masterbation again oh and , and a leg, just so's I can get it over occasionally.

  4. Sorry cant do the arms. I need them to push my wheelchair around since I sold my legs to a mine charity in Africa. If you see some black kid running around with two white legs, one with a tattoo on the the calf, let me know. I want them back.
  5. A serious post ruined by one mans unhealthy obsession with sex. :thumright:
  6. You only want another leg so we can all pull it!

    How you doing matey?
  7. Though not currently requiring a kidney, one in stock could be useful, do the big yellow storage warehouse accommodate such items if not will you take a vow of abstinence and live like a hermit to preserve the item?

    Wheelchair warrior you may have the rest of the parts I do not require......... at a reasonable price.

    £10 a bargain
  8. EX_STAB . I do have a leg to pull , pink plastic aluminium and straps, found out late in the day that I have no means to balance, arms, Oh an talking of arms , plod delivered cert today , going down to gunsmith tomorrow to liberate it and pay the lodging fee.

    And I must say a massive thank you EX_STAB for your advice and ecouragement, I never thought I would be able to go shooting again .
    and to keep this on thread , I in the market for a keen eye..............anyone?

    Taxi !

  9. Don't suppose you fancy selling your liver? I had blood tests last week and an ultrasound yesterday and I was wondering if I should bung one in the freezer just in case the results turn out to be a bit crap! :thanks:

  10. Don't have a spare liver lying around do you? I,too could do with one. And years of excessive w*nking has left me in need of a couple of corneas. I have £7.92 but could part exchange a foreskin into the deal.
  11. I'm planning a 'special' meal or a few close friends in the near future. We all know that human muscle tissue tastes just like pork. What about kidneys?

    Does anybody know any toothsome recipes involving 'pork' and kidneys? Steak and kidney pud is good but I don't know if it works with 'pork'.

    Fablonbiffchit - can you confirm that you are free of Mad Cow Disease, male pattern baldness and any genetic predisposition to vote Labour?
  12. I can confirm that I am free from Mad Cow Disease and I detest anything to do with Labour except for Tony Bliars wife who I believe could be quite accomodating with that yawning chasm of a mouth.

    But be quick. It also up on ebay in the far east and some one called wang has offered me 100 yen.
  13. erased

  14. Fuckwit.