Kidnapped US soldier shown in taliban video.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by carlbcfc, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. Title is self explanitory but there seems to be confusion how he came to be caught.

    BBC News

    That does not sound like your typical Taliban voice at 1:25ish does it?
  2. The BBC says first that he lagged behind while on patrol, then that he walked out of Camp with three Afghans and was captured.

    Whatever the circumstances, I wish him the best. But the odds of him making it home alive are somewhere between slim and none. And slim is out of town...
  3. Its in the first post.

    Id hate to be him.
  4. Couldnt watch it on mine....just incase anyone else gets the same problem .
  5. At least he is being fed well....., and that voice speaks very fluent english.

  6. Im not a language expert, but that is not a native afghan speaking, but then, didnt we have a kill a while back who had a villa tatoo?

    Who knows, it could be one of the wnackers who has travelled over from here.

    Heres to a safe return, but christ on a bike, I dont even want to think how he feels, cant even imagine, poor sod.
  7. Absolutely, poor bugger. I'd love to hear that he somehow got out safe and sound, but I can't imagine that he will.
    Re-home grown terrorism, watch monkey dust if you haven't already. The brummie turkey twizzler eating terrorists bitching that they are victimised by the western regime and that English girls don't fance them is classic.
  8. heartbreaking to watch, my throughts go to his family and friends
  9. I dunno, Werewolf, there's another thread on this already, here:

    Judging by the length of time he's been in captivity already, and bearing in mind that the Taleban mentioned something about using him as an exchange prisoner or something, I reckon his chances of making it back are about even. I certainly hope so anyway. For surely if they just wanted to top him and video it, they'd have done it already? The fact that the lad's still alive and looking quite good, given the circumstances, is something that gives me hope.

  10. No it sound's like English Accent , Lets hope they can find in their hearts to release this soldier .
  11. I hope you're right, but I'm afraid I don't think so. Remember Ken Bigley? They kept him alive for some time, I recall, to get as much headline space as possible before they murdered him.
  12. I agree...I think a prisoner swap is what they want...and he also doesn't sound completely desperate yet...indicating they are treating him fairly well.

    Edited....Bigley was caged and made to wear a guantanumo suit....I some how think the soldier may be in better company than Mr Bigley but you never know with them Middle East wacko's!
  13. There's no way the US will do a prisoner exchange.

    Only way I can see this ending well is with a rescue, which is pretty unlikely.
  14. He slipped out of the COP without weapon and body armor.By his appearance it would seem that he may have converted to islam. A few Russian POW's did so and werent executed.