Kidnapped aid worker

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by UlsterFry, Oct 19, 2004.

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  1. :x

    I'm just wondering: will things be different if the kidnappers start threatening to execute this poor woman?
    I know the uproar the whole Ken Bigley thing caused, would it be worse if it was a woman?
  2. Yes of course it will be worse
  3. classy blokes, perhaps next they'll have live Orphan baiting.
  4. Like I said on the other thread about this poor woman, this is all carefully planned to cause as much fear and apprehension as possible. They get a bonus here of course, not only does it scare off foreigners, it also shows the locals what you get for being involved with western organisations.
  6. I reckon she will get killed, but I also reckon they'll try to pan it out for a long time, and try to play on us again, even though she doesn't live here.
  7. Get us some tickets for that, Imshi. I hate orphans. :twisted: And kittens.
  8. Not only doesnt she live here, she's married to an Iraqi and is legally an Iraqi national, one who has spent the last 30 years doing nothing but good for that country.

    It enrages me, it truely does. They are all fcuking scum and not worth the blood being spilled on their behalf. The lot of them.


    Sorry, rant over
  9. I'm guessing that they've deliberately targetted a British woman, especially one as 'nationalised' as this one. Seeing the reaction that was sparked back in the UK must have been absolute gold for them.

    So, if a normal, male worker could get that kind of outcry, what kind will a female charity worker get?

    Hopefully she'll make it through.
  10. As usual Bliar has been giving out soundbites, complete with his best faux sincere look. Does he not realise that terrorists seeing that they can get to the Prime Minister only encourages this sort of thing?
  11. Where's Maggie when you need her?
  12. If the poor woman's lucky, she's been lifted by an Ali Baba firm looking for ransom. If it's one of the Zarqawi-type outfits, they'll milk it for propaganda as long as possible and then slaughter her when the Yanks level Falluja, claiming payback for crimes against Islam. Cnuts.

    Unfortunately, they've now got a pretty good handle on the shock-effect of executions on the West. Killing a woman, like the cowards they are, would give them more leverage on pressuring NGOs to pull out. :twisted:
  13. Locked up in a home for loopy auld bints if there's any justice. Pity's it's 20 years too late. A better question would be where's Guy Fawkes when we really need him now?
  14. Like me, getting ready for his big night atop the Baghdad Ramadan Bonfire
  15. Like me, getting ready for his big night atop the Baghdad Ramadan Bonfire[/quote]

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: