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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by crash test, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. I was sat watching Peppa Pig with my 3 year old today ( honest I wasn't really watching it ) when I did a double take as Brian Blessed was doing one of the voices.
    Do they have to frighten the kids like that, although I thought it was hilarious.
    Quote, Mr. Lightkeeper man, can you sound the Foghorn?
    Of course I can Peppa
  2. Mrs rallyman1978 got me a Peppa Pig advent calender at Christmas :excited:

    The chocolate was minging though :nod:
  3. Roary the Racing Car has Peter Kay and Stirling Moss doing voiceovers!
  4. Peppa the pig?
  5. Rasta mouse. Yep, that's right. Rasta mouse.

    Nothing quite like a mouse with dreads telling his mates "Just chill my man, it all be cool"
  6. ah I did love thomas the tank engine when ringo starr did the narration :) they have ruined that show with the new modern version...its crap these days!
  7. thats because ringo starr is a misrable **** who deserves to see his family raped before being shot in the eye with a nail gun
  8. Still prefer him to that one that married that limpy Geordie hag.

    That song he did for the ipod adverts is a ******* crime against humanity.
  9. is it safe to say the wrong one got shot
  10. Lennon was a **** who was lucky enough to get shot before everyone else noticed what a **** he was. No-one cares about Ringo cos he isn't a proper drummer on account he's still alive. Proper drummers die choking on vomit or from bizarre gardening accidents. There was the boring one that died of cancer and no-one noticed. Seriously, when was he last mentioned on owt?

    McCartney though. McCartney.

    There is no scientific measure of how much I dislike him and his clearly dyed hair. The way he was treated by the public when he went through his divorce was embarrassing. A cross between love for the queen mother and fake grief for Diana the Arab cocks princess.
  11. I used to love "Chorten (?) and the Wheelies"
  12. "Hello Little Lady" said Chorlton:):)
  13. oh God, Flashback! Flashback!
  14. Got beer coming out my nose while I'm laughing looking at that
  15. DVD boxset was bought for my youngest last year. Might let her have it when I've watched them all again.