Kid killed in Zoo


War Hero
Chinese H&S seems a tad slack.

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Moral of the story: Don't put childs head in big cats mouth, big cat can't bite head off

What happened to the body? are they charging to lick the tigers teeth clean?


Very sad. I imagine those would be Amur Tigers which they also keep at Marwell Zoo. Big buggers and would I want to pose with one? Noooooo....

Years ago Blogg Jnr went on a school trip there and the tigers were getting a treat to chomp on: horses heads.
ViroBono said:
here in UK we only manage to feed children to dogs.
Viscious circle you see, our tigers are malnourished and unhealthy looking, feed them a small child regulalry and see them thrive!
That has to be most stupidest thing i have ever read about. i would never do that and i have done stupid things like drink with my house mate on the roof of our old house and get drunk then have to climb down back to the ground drunk.


bet it felt like another bout half an hour later
The Chinese.

A ready and available snack you can eat between meals.


I wonder if they gave the parents the picture for free?
They gave them a bit off.
Chinese kids.

They're Grrrrrrrrrrreat!

I recall a news item about some mother who'd taken her kid on a boat trip to watch sharks attacking a whale carcass. She stepped off the boat with the kid, onto the carcass so it could get a better look.

FFS what's ,wrong with just selling the kids if you want rid of them? Why drag Mother Nature into it?
Be checking out the local Chinese takeaway menu for mashed kids head with fried rice tonight

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