Kicking the weed

Tobacco, before you ask, I have no desire to give up elicit trips to Amsterdam :D

What would you recommend the best course of action is to kick the habit?

I was persuaded to go for hypnotherapy yesterday, in a last ditch attempt to purge the filthy habit. 85% success rate they said, will work wonders they said.

B0llocks :( , the first thing I thought when I tipped up at the house where the hypnotherapist practiced from and noticed that she was a 35 year old, slim, fit MILF, was "fcuk me, I wouldn't mind giving you one", from that point on, it was downhill.

All of the time that she was talking gently to me, telling my subconscious of the evils of tobacco, my very conscious mind was thinking "fcuk this hippy sh1te, I wonder if she would object if I backscuttled her and blew my load all over her back", I then drifted off into a sexual fantasy, totally ignoring the subliminal messages that she was supposedly giving me. There's no way on earth she couldn't have noticed the boner I was getting and the pronounced bum clenching as I was trying my hardest not to let one rip in her trendy home office.

First thing I did when I got outside was spark up before I got in the car :?

So, any sure-fire suggestions? I had thought of shoving every fag up the dogs ring immediately after buying them, but I know that after the 4th Stella, my "dog ring" immunity will kick in and I just wouldn't care.

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