Kicking the RSM outta the mess

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Old_Sam, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. About to dine the RSM out (on commissioning) in full Regie Dinner style. Can anyone advise on extra protocol that needs to be observed for the event. (Yes im pinged as PMC). Im particulary interested in...

    Who presides over the event?

    Does he have to be out at midnight s o everyone else parties on?

    His replacement being at the event?

  2. 1. Normally a senior WO1 (ASM, FofS, YofS for example)
    2. No - he will normally be lobbed out to the Officers' Mess, but come back into the Sgts' Mess later.
    3. His replacement should most definatley NOT be there (in my opinion)
  3. I can't see why not, unless he's being posted in. If he's already in the unit, why shouldn't he be there?
  4. I agree, the incumbent RSM will usually be one of the senior Sergeant Majors in the Regiment anyway, or the RQMS. So if he is in station he is perfectly entitled to be present at the dine out.

    Edited once: coz i'm a spaccer!!
  5. Because I don't think it's appropriate, especially if he is posted in. If he is a WO2 in the unit who will move across as RSM once the old badge has gone, then maybe that's a different matter.

    As I said - that's my opinion, I didn't say I was right though.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    In my rather humble opinion the incoming Badge should definitly be there if only to:

    a. If the outgoing was good - the reception he gets and the standard the newbie should aspire to :sunny:

    b. If the outgoing was not good - first glance at what needs changed! :ncool:

    c. Ensure that bridges are maintained between WOs &Sgts Mess (engineroom of any good unit) and the "Other Place" :love:
  7. On ejecting the RSM to the "Other Place" , try not to break his nose on the door frame. Ahemm
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Depends solely on how many 'extras' he gave you 8)
  9. Was a genuine accident in a moment of drunken enthusiasm,
    Would like to be able to Big Time it , however it is not the case
  10. I have been to two recently. The incoming RSM was not at either but he was not yet at the unit. I would suggest he shouldn't be at the dinner unless already in post there.. he will have his night at his dining in.

    The QM was at one though this is not norm. But he did know the RSM personally so gave a farewell speach and ensured that the other place was outside our mess at 0001 to escort the badge out. Once out I have never known the Badge to come back. Out going badge still presides his own dinner night.

    dont forget to take his jacket off him so he can be given one with pips by his new PMC.
  11. Good Admin by the above mess it appears..... :D
  12. Who presides over the event? The PMC.

    Does he have to be out at midnight s o everyone else parties on? No but if you do then invite him back in.

    His replacement being at the event? No he should not be there.
  13. We moved ours to the officers mess by wheelie bin...nice touch
  14. It pays to ensure the Offrs Mess has an appropriate "welcome" awaiting him..... (It's never too soon to give him a healthy start with his mess bill)
  15. Jesus. I've met you, and I can imagine that not being a pleasent experience :D