Kicking the Military out, Trotskys, and the EU.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DIVVYCIVVY, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone heard of Brian Gerrish? do you lot think he is nuts?

    I'm interested in what he said about the military, keeping them out of the country so they can do what they want without the risk of looking down the wrong end of an SA80. I know he mentions 'Bilderburger' so right then people might brush it off as nut. Mentions Marxists aswell, also something about child abduction/abuse by social services.

    Mad, or has a point? (take note about the NATO troops bit)
  2. I love how he talks about the evils of NLP and then spends 30 minutes uses it.
    The good old, if I die you will know im telling the truth, thats why they dont kill me sentence !!
  3. Yeah i liked that bit too, He has a point about the trotskys though.
  4. Do you know something we don't?

    I don't think he has a very good grasp of the operational cycle either.

    Also "How do I know it's a snake? I just do." I'll have to remember that technique for establishing the facts the next time someone asks a question during a presentation or briefing.
  5. I know lots of things you don't, what's that got to do with anything though? I said take note because it's quite a claim. The snake bit is just the jesus freak in him (devil/serpent/it looks like a snake) and to be honest, it sorta does look like one.

    That's opinion though..really.
  6. Nutter, done.
  7. Weeeelllllllll

    The Boy Tone as soon as he became PM seems to have made sure we're always busily employed in far away places.
  8. Mostly harmless and tilting at windmills - and over leverages time he spent checking rivets on submarines IIRC. He's also linked to an occasional mag called UKForum which is your usual mismash paranoiac spittle.

    Having read some of the analysis of his activities and a fellow cretin called Noakes there's an insalubrious side that's worth keeping an eye on, they have some nasty friends.
  9. If you or anyone else wants to convince me that something is actually a fact, then I'll need to get a bit more supporting evidence. Especially if he is claiming that the Plymouth Brethren are part of a Satanic/EU plot?! And Miliband is a Trotsky? Actually, the only Trotsky was well... Trotsky. His followers were Trotskyites. Still can't see Miliband as one though. It's more a term of abuse than an accurate political description.

    And that's my opinion.

    If I'm honest, I think this guy is a whacko, who may or may not have a more sinister agenda. David Icke for instance is a loon, but as far as I can tell he is pretty harmless. When he says that the world is ruled by giant alien lizards (including in their number our own dear Queen Elizabeth II) he does mean lizards and is not using this as code for Jews or some other common bogeyman and/or scapegoat. What is this chap's agenda?
  10. Brian's wariness of Common Purpose is becoming rather well known.
    "...future leaders for the post-democratic era..."

  11. nevermind
  12. Neuroleptic

    Wasn't there a Mrs Trotsky?
  13. His followers are / were called Trotskyists. 'Trotskyite' was a term used by the official Communist movement and was considered an insult.
  14. Technically yes. He was married twice but I believe both his wives kept their Maiden (Oops edited) names. Some of his kids may have taken his surname though.

    Ironically Trotsky wasn't really Trotsky either. As was common at the time amongst Russian Revolutionaries, it was an assumed name. He was born Bronstein. He was Jewish by descent but never appears to have been observant. Is this a clue as to why certain people like to use the term Trotsky and Trotskyite when talking about people they disapprove of? What's Brian's take on the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?
  15. Well known? - I doubt it. Gerrish is hardly convincing, logical or presentable is he? I know quite a few of the head sheds of CP quite well (although I am not a member nor have I done any of their programmes) and it is not what he porports it to be. It's more bacofoil paranoia from Gerrish who just comes across as one of those slighted little Englanders who are more to be pitied than pilloried.

    But seeing as how Arrse doesn't do pity, he's a mong. :D

    That said, having idiot detractors does CP no harm, back to that Churchillian quote: 'You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.'