Kicking people when they're down.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bushmills, Feb 2, 2012.

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    • Why do you reckon people find it fun?
    • Do you think it's an integral part of human nature?
    • When does it go too far?
    • Have you ever seen it backfire?
    Thoughts and anecdotes please.
  1. Is this designed to find out why people did it to you?
  2. What inspired this thread, may I ask?

    Edit: Shadenfreude is fucking relished by civvies - I have found.
  3. humour is about someone else's misfortune

    not exactly human nature, monkeys take the piss too
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  4. Just a student of human nature, and can never work out why people turn into a braying mob, a la Jerry Springer, when confronted with people in difficult circumstances.

    I suppose it's a modern version of public executions at Tyburne.

    Fortunately, my interest is fairly detached but insights from others are always welcome.

    Sorry NAAFI, C*nt, Sh*t, Sheds,SLR,Walt etc.
  5. Because it makes people feel better about their own lives? Some people are just cunts?

    I doubt many people who post their vitriol on this site actually mean it, or, care enough about it to take it into the real world. (I include myself in that)
  6. The Psychology of the Survival of the fittest..... Ironic from a bloke like me who blows out of his ricker regular on Staff PT......
  7. Ha! It's what the Internet was designed for 'ain't it?

    Never in a million years would the braying mob, here, and on other sites, act out in public what they get up to on a beer and fag ash covered keyboard.

    Judge Dread would have a fucking field day.

    Soapy tit wank etc...
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  8. I don't believe that that's what the internet was designed for, but it's what it's very frequently used for. It's a way for moral cowards to assert some sort of "domination" over others without actually having to face them. A sort of bullying by proxy because, as you rightly say, they wouldn't have the cojones to do it in real life (as opposed to the virtual life on t'interwebz). As you'll no doubt have noticed, there's often a follow-my-leader effect too, with folks chipping in who'd normally never think of initiating such episodes. If you realistically accept that such wankers are just inadequate and can't be taken seriously, then it's not a big problem.

  9. The first line of my last post was obviously tongue in cheek B, however I agree with your 'follow the leader' syndrome. Check out any bone (ish) post, there will be a bit of a pause, then a tentative, fairly non descript, or cryptic reply or some such regarding the pointless post, and then, yee hah...Free for all. (Pleading guilty M'Lord)

    If the second post is fairly well worded, guiding the OP to a better place, or even better offering up good advice, the thread will continue in a similar vein, although it will be a hell of a lot shorter.

    It's all down to who gets to answer, on post or two or three.

  10. I agree. Although on a forces website, and among ex and serving I'd like to think it as banter - if in some cases it's misguided. Many a time in the mob I've seen someone laughing at someone else's misfortune. It was a humour factor though, no malice intended (mostly). Civvies thrive on shadenfreude - and they fucking mean it - and they'll send a fucking condolence card after they've laughed at it.
    Dog eat dog and people who have never experienced having to rely on, or having had people rely on them = armchair warrior civvy cunts with opinions on everything.
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  11. Look after those who watch your back, or the weak and pitiful. Forget the rest. And yes, civvies are masters with the knife, no team spirit or Esprit de corps. Them being civvy cnuts and all.

    Funny as it sounds, never look down on someone unless you're giving them a hand up. Course, they'll turn round and bite the hand likely as not. Chivalry and fair play went west with the advent of globalization, and the coffee swilling farkyou I'm alright, generation, yonks hence. May be best to knife the bastarrd before the blade swings your way.
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  12. I think it all comes down to the circumstances of the other persons misfortune.

    If, for instance, a person was down because of hideous slice of bad luck that robbed said person of close family member (spouse/child etc) you usually find that people are quite sympathetic.

    If its something that may be featured on Jerry fucking springer, or even Jeremy Kyle then it very likely some self inflicted shit, that you can fully expect to get both barrels over.

    Example.....My wife was killed by a drunken polish truck driver......reply will most likely be along these lines.....sorry for you mate...fucking polish truck driving alcy bastard!!!!

    Example 2 .....My fat pregnant girlfriend caught me bumming her mum and dad when I was supposed to be at work mugging old ladies.......response......let loose the arrsers this cunt deserves the full artillery bombardment.

    All about the circumstances...Yeah.
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  13. eodmatt is an equal opportunities piss taker. No fears and no favours.

    Oh, it's the NAAFI. Giz a gobble, someone (female).
  14. If this thread was inspired by who I think it was then it's got a lot to do with enjoying the irony of her 'any publicity is good publicity' approach being given the good ol' acid test by Hubby Dearest's alleged indiscretions.