kicking fcuk outta priest "one off mistake"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by boobs, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. Anyone else think that if it was the other way round, with a British teenager attacking a Muslim priest it would be different?

    BBC linky

    METRO linky
  2. Hell yes, it would be a whole different story.

    Just how far would these youths have gone had passers by not intervened? Would it still have been "a one off mistake" had the man died?

    I fail to see how this country is going to reduce violence when idiot Judges let yobs like this off!
  3. Nice idea Mr_Deputy but nothing will happen.

    Elders and cmmunity leaders will do nothing so as to avoid keeping this incident in the public eye, nor will anyone else do anything for fear of being accused of racism.

    Race aside, any attack regardless of whether the perpetrators were drunk/stoned/depressed/etc should be dealt with severly. This attack may well have been the first comitted by those youths but having got away with it once...

    First offences should carry a harsh penalty, few would reoffend.
  4. :evil: bring back hard labour( no not the political cnuts) beast the **** out these criminal scum . They should earn basic privilages and enough of this sitting in a cell playing playstation wii etc .

    Police should be given discretion to put little shites like this in the van and kick crap out of them with batons and pepper spray used as well .
  5. I could understand it if was some random in a pub .Everyone allowed one mistake and seen things kick off in a pub for no reason,but, A Preist
    there is no excuse for that he should have gone down .
  6. Who was the Judge? I dont see his/her name mentioned?
  7. Striking a priest is of course a mortal sin. As however Mr Islam is already a heretic and will deservedly fry in the pits of hell, then we'll just be taking this one into consideration...
  8. Judge Glenn Brasse
  9. Thank you...
  10. :D
  11. Where was God?!
  12. What many people fail to understand is that God is spending so much time on tablets of stone these days that he is forced to reduce commitment to beat duties in order to cope. He has been on sick leave with stress related illness since the period of the fourth crusade in any case. In the meantime God Community Support Officers are doing their best to pick up the slack.
  13. This is just the PITS, I mean doing a PRIEST over and saying it was "A one off mistake". Bullbagels!. It may take a few years but I can see a time when Corporal Punishment is brought back and scum like these are FLOGGED till their cowardly backbones shine through the gory mess, but meantime I call down Curses on them and the likes of them
  14. I don´t see how this was a "one off mistake". If they shouted "F*****g Preist", alledgedly, then surely it was not a mistake.

    Likewise, even if it was a mistake that they attacked a preist, they STILL attacked somebody.

    String the fcukers up. Don´t care if they are Muslim, Moony or Christian. They should go down, for a long time..... pref hard labour.
  15. I think the "Mistake" was being caught.....