Arrsers, prepare to mount the outrage bus.

It's been brought to the fore by Whiskey_60 that this group are actively and violently protesting against military organisations in Sheffield. In particular they take issue with the fact that BAE advertises it's internship program within the university's engineering department and it also disagrees with the UOTC programme.

The website is very under-educated, their info is skewiff and they're, really, just a bunch of cunts. Luckily for us, they've got an e-mail address, and if anyone lives near Sheffield, they advertise the next planned meetings on the site.

Target to the front, watch and shoot, watch and shoot.

Although the current focus of “kick em off campus” is the university we understand that war and militarism is not only prevalent in our universities and should not be fought any less in our own neighborhoods and community. We strive to build unity with local people over these issues and have in the past sought to campaign with non‐student activists. War and militarism needs to be struggled against everywhere, but in order to be effective the best place to do it is where you live and work. In the case of many of us this is university campus. The war isn’t in Iraq, It’s on your block!
Did you know?
That Sheffield University currently has the 4th highest level of military investment in the UK, with just short of £42 million provided to the university in the past decade. Most of this funding goes through departments such as Engineering, Computer Science and Physics with many courses allowing the military to advertise job opportunities for their students and offering scholarships with arms manufacturers.

‐ That Sheffield University supports an OTC (Officer Training Corp) programme. A reserve regiment in the British Army whose existence allows the government to send additional troops overseas supporting the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

‐ That Sheffield University’s engineering department boasts a research facility for BAE. An arms manufacturer that not only provides fighter‐jets for the royal family of Saudi Arabia (a dictatorship renowned for its human rights abuses), but has also made soaring profits off the murder of millions of Iraqi civilians through its supply of weaponry for the invasion of Iraq.
Aha, glad someone took interest in this one!

The Sheffield ACIO know these lot quite well! As do local TA units that do any recruiting on the ground in Sheffield.

They've got an e-mail address, and when I get home I've got a few MySpace links to some of their 'hardcore' members if your feeling particularly abusive :D

On their shite, sorry, site. There is also a story of them messing up a lecture from a Retd Air Marshall, and whilst I enjoy crab baiting as much as the next man - they ended up throwing rape alarms at his head.

Their a bunch of limp wristed vaginas...
Bordtea said:
Bunch of muppets if you ask me.

Maybe someone should go set off a few rape alarms at their next meeting..
I was thinking more along the lines of setting off a load of T bangs strapped to a bucket of dog shite.
The funny part is that Uni is full of intelligent young people (apparently...) and these lot think that people who study there can't make their own mind up whether to join the forces or not and so they have to remove any temptation that's on the campus!

So effectively their saying that their fellow students are incapable of making an informed decision...
I'm trying to find a Sheffield Forum/Facebook Group or something along those lines. Considering their facts are spun from Narnia I'd say it would be quite interesting to get an open debate going with one of them.

I've just read Andy McNabs '7 Troop' - I feel I could grow my hair long, not wash for a month and strap a voice recorder to my chest and infiltrate a meeting :D
I've sent off a sensible e-mail, and I expect a sensible reply. If not, then spam on!
Much like the silly man who this afternoon tried to get me to buy Socialist Worker (something of a misnomer in his case I feel)
Every time I hear about dogshit like this I am reminded of Jack Nickleson's speech in 'A few good men'.

I'm not getting on the bus for this on as all it is is the spotty,bagless ZANU NL youth trying to compensate for they're lack of social skills and personal hygene.

At the end of the day the revenge is knowing that these types always end up spending they're empty live's toiling away in some thankless dead-end council non-job.

Fuck em.

Fuck em in the ear.
I should really try to comment on their flawed vision of a more socially just society and their incorrect fixation with the military and militarism as a source focus for illegal overseas inteventions and socio-economic distress within the fabric of the nation. But I can't be arsed.

Jumped up leftie, pinko, pacifist, goth, junkie, worthless fcuks.
It does sound like their own militancy will be their undoing if they carry on with this direct action approach, I’m sure they won’t think it quite so funny if they get across the Chancellor and end up being sent down.

I would suspect that the OTC will already be engaged with the Military Education Committee (MEC) on this issue and waiting to see how it develops.

From experience these types rarely want to engage in open debate, using the excuse that they will be intimidated or threatened by the military.

Alternatively to promote the debate you could move for their expulsion from the union to promote the debate and then stuff the debate with your colleagues.


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