Kicked out of the NAAFI for not being a sprog

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Ravers, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I have just returned from a weekend course at Bordon and am pretty p1ssed off to say the least.

    Myself and five other course members (all Corporals or below) were asked to leave the bar in the NAAFI last night by the duty NCO. Apparently the bar is only for part 2 trainees. We were then directed to another bar which was empty and was not showing the rugby.

    Surely a NAAFI is a place for everyone to relax regardless of rank or status. Does anyone know if segregation is now standard practice in NAAFIs?

    I have been thrown out of NAAFIs all over the world for various reasons, usually involving excessive alcohol, but to be told to leave because I am a trained soldier is ridiculous.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I'm not surprised at all it wasn't on last night, the second game was finished before 7pm.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I use the term 'last night' loosely, referring generally to anything happening after 1600.
  4. The Runway here is the same. The NAAFI is for the lads, not people with rank - they get kicked out at 1800hrs - even though it's got internet access. I suspect you were moved to the Cpls' Mess, so if you don't like it, and want to sit in the NAAFI then you know what to do. Go and see the badge and tell him all about it.
  5. Yeah it's all part of the kid gloves treatment recruits get now. We had an exercise cancelled at the last minute on fri due to phase 2 recruits not being allowed out in the cold (aw bless their little hearts).

    The recruits in Bordon are fed an unrealistic idea of what a NAAFI bar is, they can often be seen larging it around the place in a manner I don't remember seeing when it was open to all junior ranks.
  6. No, in Bordon the have taken the NAAFI bar (for years open to all Juniors) and made it Phase 2 recruits only. Everyone else has been fobbed off to the old rugby club.
  7. I was there at the beginning of last year. In January the NAAFI ("The Village, I think) was open to all Junior Ranks. By mid-February it had been decreed that only Phase 2 students were to use the bar, everybody else got fobbed off to the Sports Bar, Mustangs.

    So the weekly Karaoke and Quiz were OOB, and the Sports Bar wouldn't put anything on. The pipes were also filthy, the beer tasted foul accordingly.

    Suffice to say, that payday the kiddies ran amok. Smashing glasses everywhere, fights breaking out, people walking around the camp with glasses and bottles. The block I was in was loud 'til the small hours.

    The part of it that annoyed me was that there was no accomodation available for me, so I was shoved in a four man room with three Phase 2 VM's. I was told that I was allowed to live with them, but to socialise in a NAAFI bar was out of the question.
    Utterly ridiculous.
  8. its all part of having a duty of care towards trainees. its the exact same scenario at keogh barracks. the whole thing goes back to deepcut. The line that the army are taking is that the only people who are to interact with the recruits are the permanent staff who ahve carried out the proper training.
  9. Then they should segregate the kids, not the adults. Once they are trained soldiers themselves they can be given perks. Until then;

    Trained soldiers (Pte-Cpl) use the bar, including all facilities. Recruits/phase 2's not allowed.
    Recruits, including phase 2's, use YMCA and its facilites, including brew making area, table tennis, Sky, pool tables, etc. Course personnel not allowed.

    While this may seem unfair, especially to the older recruits, it will serve as motivation for those who want to experience a drinking session in a NAAFI bar. Perks should increase as you progress through the ranks, not decrease.
  10. When we were in Aldershot the naafi was for the gmen, ncos could go in for food or to watch the footie but weren't allowed to drink in there. The cpls mess was right next door and sold cheaper beer so i dont think anyone cared.

    Now our naafi is open to anyone, i've seen the QM in there watching the footie
  11. Is the camp pay as you dine?

    I remember Blandford having a similar rule regarding Phase 2's only in the NAAFI bar, with all course personnel etc banished to a shite hole called humphs. When PAYD came in, the NAAFI opened to all ranks. Not sure if its still the case.

    Personally, i think the segreation is pish. Trainees should have a thirst for knowledge and seek out JNCO's to answer their questions and tell them about life in the field army. Being told your not trustworthy enough to drink in the same establishment as a phase 2 soldier for "duty of care" reasons is almost insulting.
  12. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Yes it is PAYD. I was especially p1ssed off at the fact that the evening meal finished at 1730 and so to get any hot food after this, you have to go off camp as the snack bar is also OOB.
  13. Blandford is the same, and Keogh was the same when I was there. Come to think about it a fair few Phase 2 locations are the same.

    Was quite amusing at Blandford when the little darlings repeatedly ran amok. The then RSM decided that enough was enough, and it was unacceptable for such creatures to have a better bar than the trained soldiers on the camp.

    Cue, tears before bedtime when the creatures were swapped from the very swish "phase 2" bar in the Cpls Club, and allowed only two pints on the week nights.

    XL went berzerk because of a drop in profits.

    Same detail though, all kinds of things laid on for the kids but nothing for anyone else.... although to be fair there was quiz nights and what not down town.

    Non Phase 2s were not allowed in the WVRS, and at one point hte internet cafe thing was OOB too.
  14. Doesn't happen in Bordon though. Artificer students are used all the time and don't have the relevant training unless they have previously worked with recruits.

    Due to these regulations, on military exercises you get Sgts filling the section comd spots as the JNCO upgraders can't be put in charge of recruits. Technically neither can the tiffy students but it's always good to see them whinge.

    It just seems strange to me to be getting soldiers to fill the shoes of someone one rank down rather than up. The guys on the upgrader courses would probably benefit from the experience given the chance.
  15. The impression I get of todays army (or it's training establishments) is that you are better off not being allowed to drink with sprogs-

    One gobby little boy; beered up and trying to impress his mates/settling the score for being shouted at last week/trying to live up to his own self image as a 'soldier'/ whatever...


    One NCO trying to have a few beers with his mates and watch the rugby.....


    One gobby little boy with a thick lip and a shattered self image, crying to anyone who will listen about Instructor brutality and bullying.

    Ends In

    SIB investigation, headlines in the Scum about 'NCOs abusing recruits during off duty drinking sessions' AGAI, RTU, bad confidential report - worst case scenario MCTC and dole queue.