Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by phantom1234, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. i'm a female joining up in October, and wondered if anyone can tell me if the army does kickboxing aswel as boxing... Would be cool to carry on training with the army, but guess i'll have to find a club near where i'm based if they don't cater for us feline kickboxers :| Have asked around and searched t'internet, albeit found no answer...
  2. Check your PMs
  3. No they dont
  4. Give the Trojans a call, they do MMA and Thai and are one of the countries top teams. If you are in the army they let you jump on the pro training programme:

    Boxing is taught by a former olympic gold medallist
    Thai Boxing is taught by a former all thailand champion, Lumpini and rajadernerm champ
    BJJ is taught by a former world champ

    They have many former K1 and Pride fighters in the team.

    The guy to call is a guy called Charlie, he sorts things out and is ex mob.


    If there are enough of you, they normally jack up an intensive programme. Very, very forces friendly club.
  5. if you are good enough the military always find time for you to represent country/unit/etc...........
  6. i am also in a kickboxing club and I would like to know if there is a kickboxing team. i am forever told i am crap at pft and aft but i know in a ring i am damn good please help.
  7. Kickboxing is not a recognised sport in the Armed Forces yet, there are rumblings about bringing more combat sports to the Forces to include kickboxing, MMA and Muay Thai but to date that is al it is, talk.

    There will be plenty of opportunity for you to train out with the Army when you get to your unit but for now concentrate on getting through basic training.