Kickboxing - Too old to start ?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mon_colonel, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. I'm thinking of taking up kickboxing mainly to get back into shape and also as a means of self defence, although I keep my self in pretty good nick and don't drink or smoke realistically speaking would 41 be too old to take up such a sport
  2. Don't be daft! :D

    There's no age-barrier to learning Kickboxing. Just find a good instructor/club and crack on.

    Kickboxing is quite a popular sport/martial art, so you should be able to find a few clubs within reasonable travelling distance. Visit them, talk to the instructor(s) and watch a class before you commit.

    If you have trouble finding a club, PM me and I'll ask my instructor if he can reccomend anyone in your area next time I train.

    Good luck!
  3. As Werewolf said, you're never too old to get fitter. You're only as old as you feel, they say. Find a good club and get stuck in.
  4. My granny was 82 when she became the Fylde coast bare knuckle wharehouse fighting champion.

    She beat filo Beddo and his hairy accomplice, then made every body jam tarts and went round makign sure everyones face was clean with a licked hanky.

    You are never too old and in the immortal words of motivation from my grandmother 'Get your fcuking feet of that settee you little bleeder or I'll pull yer cnut out through yer nose...... and make a fresh pot of tea, theres a love'
  5. Definitely not too old. I'm not a kickboxer, but there's a 62 year old guy where i train, and he's a scary little f***er. He's fitter than most, and has no worries with kicking my arse, and that of people much better than me.
  6. Never to old, I started kickboxing at 42, really as an extra to karate, never to old. have a look round as to where to train PM me your location to see if I know any in your area
  7. Never too old to get fitter as someone said

    Jump in but give your body time to recover
  8. My OH is 41...and he gets stuck in like all the other lads!

    I am thinking of joining kickboxing but I wanted to do Karate as I did it as a wee girl and I enjoyed it. However I do Circuit trg an hour before karate starts and worried I will be too knackered to do it!! Grrr! ...Or there's Tae kwan-do...I don't know which to do as all are available to me. Any suggestions?
  9. I'm 46 and a dyslexic mongoloid. No fecker tries teteach me bock fexing.
  10. Of the three, Kickboxing is more readily applicible to Self Defence, because the techniques are gross motor skills, which are easier to perform while under stress.

    Karate and Tae Kwon Do are both good martial arts - but they can take longer to reach a stage where you can apply them in a Self -Defence scenario. And Tae Kwon Do specialises in high kicks, so it requires a fair degree of flexibility. Which is why I never took it up! :D
  11. It all depends what you want out of it. As werewolf said, kickboxing is readily applicable to self defense, gives you a bloody good workout, and gives you the chance to do contact sparring, so if that's what your'e looking for, ask to sit in on a lesson, or in most cases its first lesson free, and just look around for something that suits.
  12. become a pikey and start bare knuckle pikey fighting. prizes include lurchers and a spare wheel.
  13. All three are competetive sports and as such very good basic training for, but not directly applicable to, self defence where your oponent does not play by the "rules".
  14. At 41, I would never say you are too old but I wouldnt advise starting TKD. It is a very hard discipline on your body. Kick Boxing is probably the best bet for all round fitness.
  15. Not what i meant..... sort of, kickboxing training coupled with a sharp mind and a will to win = a pretty nasty fighter. Just gives you more options in a defence scenario, and let's face it, learning how to punch harder and faster is never a bad thing, even with a lack of grappling skills.