Kickboxing - need a pointer

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Daede, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. Morning all,

    Anyone here do any boxing / kickboxing? ive been training for the past 4 months, and have been paired up with a guy who is about 6'2 (im 5'8).

    I (obviously) dont have the same reach, and am getting spanked fairly regularly with jabs and long kicks. Any pointers to negate this would be much appreciated - the coach is a bit pants and just told me to 'move inside'....
  2. "move inside" is good advice. Failing that purchase a baseball bat
  3. Sandy the Guvnor is your best bet for advice mate, drop him a PM.
  4. Do you convincingly feint, show a lead, make loads of little intentional movements? Very destablising for someone trying to throw and land long kicks.
  5. I tend to move in closer with a feint then jab straight into their guard, then step closer. its at that point i get clattered.
  6. He's not a little chap is he....

    Looks like i need to be moving in behind blows, as opposed to trying to sneak in with feints, and then staying close.
  7. Are you doing low kick kickboxing ie K1 or the shiny pants kickboxing ?
  8. "kickboxing - need a pointer"

    that's where you're going wrong. you're getting confused between kickboxing and delivering orders :)
  9. Sandy - low kick style (k1-esque).

    Tried shiny pants style for a while and couldnt see the point of only kicking above the upper thigh.

    Im going to give MT a shot next week as well, as that looks intriguing.
  10. Hard belly laugh . . . coffee everywhere . . . excellent!
  11. I would have thought a Pointer would be more useful in Grouse shooting than kickboxing :D


    Hat, Coat, Taxiiiiiiii!!!!
  12. Sparring last night - figured it out. lots of movement around his jab, working the teep or feinting it an then moving in with steps to the right or left. When he moved the same way as i did i threw a hook or straight, when he moved away i just threw a thigh or rib kick (more to niggle him as opposed to any real damage).

    Worked really well and put him on his arrse twice with left hooks.
  13. Nice! :twisted:
  14. It was at the time.

    I would pay a lot of money to have a photo of his face when i caught him the first time.