Kick Boxing

Not me personally, but try outside Time Euro Disco in Hohne about 0400 hrs most mornings.  Thats when 32 Engr, 9/12 L, 3 RHA, Hohne Scab Lifters have their training sessions.  

Sometimes we offer a free lift to the last one standing, usually he would rather make his own way back to camp, but we insist.

I have tried it once, but my opponent kept complaining when I would'nt kick or box him back, something about a baton hurting.
I used to do it inside and outside the Skatch in Osnabruck in the early 80's. Paras, Inf, The Skins, Engos, RHA, even slop jockeys as well.

All refereed (from a very safe distance) by the monkeys.
Our safe distance has just trebled with the new video cams with zoom lens fitted to the AREA cars (very Bill).  It even plays porn from a VHS in the boot, quality if you have a hog in the wagon, pretty scary if its a bloke though.  

Traz was always a bit tasty for scraps, but from a professional point of view Hohne is top of the league for "The unofficial kick boxing champs".  Fally was very good when the RHF existed there, vicious little Glaswegian gypsies.  But now the Black Watch have encamped, all they talk about is tractors and sheep shaggging, bloody chookters.

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