Just like to put in a good word for Kick-Ass. Really, really enjoyable. Yes it was mindless, but if you liked Transformers, go and see Kick-Ass. This trailer alone should be enough to persuade you to go:

Empire On-Line

And I can think of few better soundtracks for a mass-killing spree than The Banana Splits song by 70s Punk Band the Dickies. For those who want to hear the whole thing:

You Tube - The Dickies
I'll second that. Went and saw it with the wife (unless its pink she doesnt like it) and we both enjoyed it! shock horror.

surprisingly gory which is always a win in my book.
If you're watching the 'debate' (for 'debate' read stage-managed, meaningless party political broadcast on behalf of the 3 dreary parties), with one eye and ARRSE with the other, watch the trailer above and tell me that you don't want Hit Girl to slide in and slot the lot...
Took my two lads (13&17) and we laughed ourselves daft the whole film especially the wanking scenes. funniest thing then was the "adults" in the audience who were very embarrassed.

what a brilliant concept for a film an 11year old girl going psycho to that sound track. completely juxtaposition . And Nick Cage was brilliant, completely on the borderline between genius and raving lunatic.
Fcuking awesome!

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