Kick Arrse!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Muffy_the_minj_slayer, Feb 15, 2005.

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  1. Want him back

  2. Damn Right I never want to see him again!!!

  3. Don't give a fcuk

  1. As much as Ragyman is my mate, I find him just as anoying as the rest of you. And the only reason I told you all, about who he really is, is so that you would kick him off and now you have done that we can all post insafty, with exception to BB!!! :lol:
  2. It appears that your pole has one definate trend there m8.

    What a worthwhile thread
  3. J_D

    J_D LE

    Don't sit on that fence too long ragy, you might get splinters!

    Mind you this thread wasn't really worth it to be honest!
  4. :oops: 8O :D :eek: :lol:

    TRagy what did yourmum say? Don't make promousis you aren'tgoingto keep. and Don't threeter your elders with voilance. I agree RagyItjustmakes you look like a twww.@ so if you don't stop in and go away I'll tell your mum to block you from this site and I will ask one of the moderators to give you the lights.
  6. J_D

    J_D LE

    Cad a bhfuil timpeall na hanabaí seo?

    Seriously move on....................
  7. Everyone Just incase Ragy doesn't go away on his own HERE is his password for his accountapcti

    Every one ffeel free to use it and please send him lots of nasty PMs!!!! Thank you...ding-dong!!!

    Can I also just double check that this site is for people who are over the age of 18 years of age. Thisshould also mean that ragy is band becasue he is only 16.
  8. J_D

    J_D LE

    seriously this is too wierd!!

    can't you get admitted in to cookoo land for self arguments??
  9. The men in the white coats are a little busy at the moment but Ragy is next on the list :lol:
  10. Wow! A thread where one person with 3 identities can slag him/herself off to his/her heart's conent!

    Now I've seen everything :roll:
  11. How many timehave I told you I'm NOTAyna.

    I wouldoffer to spell that out but that wouldbe very hard consideringyou are already reading this!
  12. ragy/muffy last warning!!! if you want to post bone threads try pprune, UF, or infact anywhere but here......
  13. Who cares?

    Who the fcuk posted as me while I was in work and nowhere the fcuking computer?

    Mummy's little trooper is not happy.

    And by the way, if anyone is going to slate arrse, they need to check it with me first so I can put them right. And kick their tits in.

    The Slugster is home and willing and waiting to beat you up because the 42 year old brickie from Stoke is at home till then. Unless I am a fireman.

    Other than that, I do pop into the library on chat at lunchtimes.

    But if I find out who posted as me, fear my wrath.

    Excuse me, I have busyness to deal with.
  14. am i just drunk or is there really some kind of wierd thing going on here?????????