Kia Leaves A Family Stranded In Germany

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by longhaired co, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. This is the best place that I could find to post this thread as it is looslet related to a discount of sorts. After purchasing a Kia Sportage in Oct 11 we have now been left stranded due to the car becoming dangerous to drive with no apparrent fix in the near future. After numerous phonecalls attempting to sort our mobilty issues the following responses have been given:

    Kia UK - We are unable to assist due to the car being in Germany.

    Kia Germany - We are unable to assist as the car was not purchased in Germany.

    The cynic in me thinks Kia is hiding behind international boundaries. Some of you will of course say why are you not using the 12 month RAC that comes with the car. The answer given by Kia UK Customer Services today (all calls are recorded) was that as we are not resident in the UK to use the Kia Assist would be to commit fraud.

    Now I do not want to sound alarmist but assuming most of these new car policies are similarly worded does that mean that anyone in the forces communities, outside of mainland UK, that have a new car do so under the false belief that they have complimentary breakdown cover.

    I would be interested in any thoughts.
  2. Who in their right mind buys that sh1t?
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  3. Does it not have an EU wide warranty?
  4. There is a lesson here. Don't buy Kia. tis shite.
  5. It's not of merchantable quality under the sale of goods act under UK law and tell them to get it sorted.
  6. That's a little unfair; it might have come with a nice handbag, or some hairdressing accessories.
  7. I actually think that Kia are getting their act together, design and quality wise.

    I'd suggest quoting EU law at them.

    I mean, the EU has got to be good for something, hasn't it?
  8. Your Questions Answered | Kia Motors UK

    Q11 In which countries is my car covered

    The Kia 7 year warranty is valid in all EEA (European Economic Area) countries except for Bulgaria and Romania.

    Q12 Are all dealers participating

    Yes - all official Kia franchised dealers throughout the EU will be available to administer and undertake any necessary work under the terms of the warranty.
  9. Just chuck it in a ditch and by a car.
  10. You wouldn't be interested in mine. Honestly.
  11. A mere 1500 dollars jees man do you know how much maintenance that buys if you bought a 5 year old quality car and looked after it. I run old quality cars and change them fairly often, no deprecation to speak of. Comfort and quality and someone else has taken the depreciation hit. Also a more eco friendly option as the energy required to make a new car is far more than the little bit of extra fuel and emissions an older car uses.
  12. Eh?

    The 15k does involve the purchase of the car as well...
  13. Had the same thing with Peugeot with a known fault. Got pissed about from pillar to post. Eventually parked motor up in the gate way to the Pug garage in Germany, informed garage manager in my best 'Shout louder they'll understand you English' that I'd move the car from the entrance as soon as they agree to sort it out. Dealer from Hohne was shit, UK customer services were worse, German garage dude was confused* but helpful.

    *Turns out a recall had been sent out but not reached me. German Pug bloke thought recall and repair had been completed by UK based Pug mongs and wasn't his garages problem.

    1 - Does your bank account have pan-European cover

    2 - Would this have been better in the Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs forum?

    Good luck!
  14. It's pretty much agreed that the car is covered by an EU wide warranty but getting another garage to sort out a problem with something they didn't sell is as old as the hills.

    If all else fails join the german AA and ask them for report on the car. You can use that to sue KIA.

    And yes they are pants.
  15. Speak to Army Legal as regards the supplier and get them into bat for you. They may not be ble to do much but at least they're free!