Khukri House

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cuddles, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. If you are interested in getting a kukhri, either for "best" or display or field, can I recommend the Neapalese Kukhuri House? I ordered mine on Wednesday, from Nepal, and it arrived at 0800 this morning. For 98 dollars US I received No.1 Kukhri and display stand. At that price, that quality and that speed of delivery - can't say fairer than "ramro"!
  2. Cuddles, no offence mate but you got ripped!
  3. Tellushowmahman?
  4. In what way? I paid 60 bucks for the steel and the rest for almost same day delivery. The quality is issue if not better. It came with a display stand, which saved me the trouble of knocking one up. As GDav so succinctly puts it how was I ripped? Do you have any idea how much a pusser's issue one costs?

    Not ripped, pleasantly surprised - almost as surprised as when I found it was missing followuing my burglary some months ago!
  5. I did 4 years in a Gurkha unit and earnt one for free.
  6. As I said CUDDLES no offence! What you failed to point out in your post was that you paid just as much for the postage as you did for the knife and stand. You must have wanted it real bad. I maybe wasn't as clear with my post as I could have been. Listen all I'm saying is. Having served with a Gurkha unit, they were only approx 10 quid a pop in 2005 and for a fcuk of massive ceremonial sheath one, it was about 30 quid. I make no assumption on you serving with a Gurkha unit so thus, I didn't mention anything alse in my original post. However why did you want it so quickly?
  7. Ditto Chocolate!
  8. Was it this site Cuddles?
  9. I got a few in my collection, Kukhuri house is not the only one to deal with it,
    toratora kuhuri shop will sell them and they are off good quality posted from the UK as well, I have some from them as well as from Kukhuri house, my favourite is the Commando Kukhuri which was designed jointly with 42 commando, very well designed Kuk no longer on sale it seems, even better they ALL have Hindu writing with the name of the Blacksmith that made it.

    good value IMO and I don't work for them :)
  10. Semper, could I ask WHY??
  11. why what ?
  12. You have said you have a few in your collection, Why? what, presuming they are knifes do you do with them all!!
  13. Loads of us did. So what. The original post was an informative one. Yours on the other hand comes across as condescending bragging.
  14. Well I'm sorry it seems that way. I do feel that my initial post was, in my opinion right. The rest is just the follow on to what cuddles was asking or a follow on to a question. I mean not to be condesending or a billy.