Kharzi Sworn In

FP has a nice Photo Essay on Karzai's Cronies. That Human Rights Watch is so interested in most of them is surely a good sign.

My favorite:

Abdul Rasul Sayyaf: Sayyaf is one of the most notable Pashtun leaders who fought with the Northern Alliance against the Taliban in the 1990s. He remains a pillar of Karzai's support in the Pashtun community, throwing his support behind the president during his re-election campaign. He is also a staunch Islamist with past ties to some of the world's most notorious terrorists. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, Sayyaf gave future 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed his first introduction to the Afghan jihad in 1987. Sayyaf would become his mentor, and provide him with military training and connections to other jihadists until the late 1990s. Sayyaf also maintained a close relationship with Osama bin Laden, who funneled him money to continue the insurgency against the Soviets.
I like to think of it as rainbow alliance.
richard.james said:
mac1 said:
well, you need to start somewhere and look at the alternatives...
Agree, he is the best of a bad bunch... or we could give Tony Blair the job!

I think Karzai is preferable, I'd not trust that Blair chap around the silverware.
Thing is, considering the, how shall we say, controversial nature of the mutant's position, isn't it rather odd that attempts to knock him off are to say the least rare. I wonder what would happen if whoever is paying his insurance forgot a payment? God forbid, I hear some colonial voices shreeking.
Why does this guy always remind me of the old "Carry on up the Khyber" film with Kenneth Williams as The Khasi of Kalabar...

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