Khan v Gomez ITV now 23:00

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. Fights on.

    Cracking first round for Khan. Stuck Gomez on the canvas after 30 seconds but Gomez is solid. 8O
  2. Kahn is blowing, like!
  3. Dangerous second round for Kahn. gomez had him down after 5 seconds!!
  4. This could develop into a cracking fight. Much better than the usual 'staged' sh*te we usually see nowadays.

    Round 3...
  5. Very much so. Thought it may have been another journeyman fight but Gomez is playing fcuking hard!
  6. What a round! Great rib shot from Gomez...But what a combo from Kahn!
  7. Yep. With as little body fat on Kahn, it'll fcuking hurt. And gomez is working on that.

    Kahn needs to take him.
  8. I hope gomez wins, I put 30 quid on him at 8/1.

    just gone down for the second tme though. :cry: .

    c'mon , you've got one last big effort in you lad.
  9. Gomez is taking a thrashing that would down a Ginger stepkid, but keeps on trucking. Great Spirit. Might knock a bit of sense into Amir Khan.
  10. Or kept on trucking. Good effort though!
  11. Bloody ref. Im sure Gomez could have carried on (for another 10 secs at least..)
  12. No need to stop it FFS!, he was not done.

    He wasn't takng a battering, he took more of a battering in the alex arther fight.
  13. Shame the ref bottled it, but it did look like the beginning of the end of Gomez! He can be proud of his last fight, but may be nagged in retirement by the ref calling it off...
  14. What fcuking shit he was fine, corrupt as hell. :mad:
  15. Blimmin frustrating.

    I'm a Kahn fan but the ref acted like it was an ABA fight. At this level, it should be allowed to go much further. KO, TKO or the bloke chucking the towel.

    Right, I'm off back to unlicensed boxing......harumph.