Khan... Amir do it tonight?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Matty0001, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. He's in for a battering, it's Naz all over again. :D
  2. Frank Warren will have to give him a proper fight sooner or later and then we'll see if his chin is up to it, I don't think it is which is a shame because I like the bloke. He's proved to be flawd against lesser opponents but he's still improving which is a good thing, but you can't do anything for a glass chin. Just defend it better.
  3. Not a Khan fan and am looking forward to him getting knocked out in the third. :)
  4. I'll go for Khan being KO'd in the 2nd round.
    Anyone know any stream links? I dont fancy paying for a 2 rounder. :roll:
  5. Nice one Matty. :)
  6. Kin ell, Barrerra's family have just tipped up in a hire minibus. I thought they'd flicked over to 'Border Patrol' and they'd nicked a load of illegals!

    Hows it going to go? Well, Khan looked very pensive when he arrived and I think he will go down.
  7. If he loses Frank Warren will ensure he does, on him, to get another decent fight. :roll:
  8. I hope so purely because of the fact that the robbing cnut is on PPV! what has he done to deserve this? he doesn't hold any meaningful title.

    There was some good fights on ITV4 tonight including the potential future of British heavyweights Tyson Fury, who got a good TKO.
  9. The Enzo Maccarinelli v Ola Afolabi is turning out to be very good. I hope the taff (Enzo) puts the cocky 5A on his arrse.

    Edited to add....bugger. Enzos just been clouted to the deck by Ola.
  10. Feckinghell, i wouldn't wanna be the reciever of that! 8O
  11. Neither did Enzo!
  12. Cripes. His face did a 'slo-mo-rubber head-wobble-fuck' sort of thing!