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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by blonde_guy, Nov 9, 2010.

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  1. I recently watched a documentary, part of which detailed FOO training, calling in artillery strikes next to a bunker.

    Some of the DS looked like NCOs, were in full C95s, but were wearing peaked caps (Same green colour as no.2s) with a white cover. Another looked like he was a Major, but had a red band around his no. 2 cap.....who are these chaps, and what is the history/traditions surrounding their wear of peaked caps with C95?
  2. SMIG / IG maybe ..
  3. What was the documentary? Would like to have a watch
  4. I think it was Frontline Battle Machine with Mike Brewer ... It's where I saw them doing that recently was last Monday ..
  5. Thank you. I'll have a look
  6. Surely white cap top and red cap band on an arty range has always meant exactly that?
  7. WO2s with white covers to their hats are SMIGs (Sergeant Major Instructor Gunnery) and the Majors with red bands are IGs (Instructor Gunnery).

    They would be from GTT or ARTAT (if Germany) - they supervise/assist all RA range exercises.

    There is a history to why they wear the white cover (back to white coats they used to wear or something that IIRC) and the red bands (can't remember).
  8. My brother was an Ack-IG many years ago and when I asked him why the white cover, he said that it was a safety feature - an AIG has to be instantly identifiable when a gun line was firing on the range in the event of malfunctions.
    Very likely started in the pre-war days when everybody wore a SD cap.
  9. I'm sure it is even older than that. The gunnery instructors used (we're talking many years ago) to be considered as almost scientists in their field. They wore white coats in the field to designate their technical status. That became unpractical, so the white cover remained to identify the SMIG. It handily doubles as a safety feature with the easily identifiable white cover.

    I believe it became a point of contention with a recent RA RSM who didn't want to see SMIGs wearing white covers. Don't know names, butI'm sure there are other gunner contributors...
  10. Correctamundo on all counts Django. White covers should only be worn in the field or when instructing on equipment.
  11. Could now be a SSgt or SSIGs
  12. Fiction methinks, HQ btys only started after WW2, before that they managed without them, and there were plenty of psc officers who were BCs, and I suspect the red hat tradition goes back to before WW1.

    Before WW2 there was an Inspector of Artillery (Brigadier IIRC) who was responsible for techical proficiency and I think reporting on it annually to the Army Counci,l and his reps - IGs - (if not himself) attended firing practices. My guess would be the red hat band had something to do with this authority/status.