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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. I'm asking what most of you will consider a bone question!
    When I was in the forces, the majority of the Army wore navy dark blue berets, now it seems very few do, when did the khaki one become de-rigeur?
  2. Is there a "light navy blue"?

    Units haven't changed berets, your eyes need looking at.
  3. Well that really answered the question , if you've nothing to contribute...fuck off.
    Oh I forgot, you're one of the sites hardmen aren't you?
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  5. Thanks scaley dave
    That seems to clear that up, It just seems that any time I see troops these days the khaki beret seems to be prevelant.
  6. Probably because you live next to a garrison town with those regiments in it...
  7. Yorkshire Volunteers wore the dark blue beret until about 1982 then changed to khaki.

    Don't know why, the blue one didn't show up the burns from the mess tin handle...

    ...and was handy for buffing up your toecaps just before parade.
  8. I trained at IJLB 1982-83 when we started the only regiments there that whore the Khaki berets were the Guards regiments and The Royal Anglians. Sometime in 1983 All the Kings Div regiments changed on mass along with the Royal Pioneer corps.

    When the Queen’s and Royal Hampshire’s amalgamated in 92, to form the PWRR, they too adapted it. At present it is only the RRF that wear the dark blue beret, in the Infantry.

    I think that it was planed that the Khaki would be the Infantry beret, less Para’s, Scots and those regiments with a Light infantry history (Rifles, RIR, and RGR)
  9. Plus don't forget the attached ranks (AGC, medics etc etc) wear the same beret as the rest of the regiment.
  10. Thats sort of how I remembered it..also the welsh wore navy blue now they seem to be in khaki, and I do live in a garrison town half a mile from thiepval and I can honestly say I,ve never seen a soldier in the last five years,top marks for their persec.
  11. The RRF don’t make you change berets (thus saving the Tax payer money) they do however give you the honour of wearing the Hackle, Which you can buy from our PRI, Thank you very much that will be £1.50.
  12. So PA was correct then.
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  13. Don't encourage that nasty PA bully

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  14. Essentially.

    Unfortunately OrdinaryForces is an idiot and couldn't see past my mick-taking about his "dark navy blue" comment.
  15. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    We wore navy blue berets till '82 if memory serves me right and then switched to khaki. I think that was the same with all the King's Div Regiments. I vaguely recall a reference to reverting to the WW2 style.

    Looking at my School of Inf photos from '79, the Guards and R Anglians are in khaki, the rest in navy blue.

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    1 PWO 1983 in Berlin