Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by sibabe56, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Im an instructor in ACF and doing KGVI in september this year. My fireldcraft knowledge is minimal as I have been in Shooting for last four years. Would appreciate any help anyone can offer!!!

    Background : Joined the ACF "of the street" coming up 7 years ago. Not an ex reg, no prior military knowledge. Passed AITC< AI< CFCB Westbury> RMQ>DCCT etc. Oh and im 52 and female!!
  2. im a bit confused as to what you will be "doing" at KGIV?

    Safety? Directing staff? whats your artillery background? Why are you doing it?
  3. Irish cream:

    KGVI is also the name of an ACF adult training course, as well as the UOTC Arty comp.
  4. Sorry, I will be a student on the course! I have no artillery background whatsoever (not a pre-requisite for nursing, at least not as yet). Im doing it because its the next course I require. :)
  5. sibabe56

    KGVI, fieldcraft is all practical and they will teach you on the course, however they do expect a certain amount of knowledge before you go.

    I would advise you to get someone to explain the section battle drills, and ambush drills to you.

    You will also be expected to write a set of orders on the course, again this is explained whilst you are there. However i would strongly advise you to spend as much time as possible on this prior to the course because it can get a bit heavy going.

    Couple of things that may help, you need to have a skill at arms record card showing that you are current on the GP and for preference the LSW (A2), their is no mess night but they have a formal dinner night, mess bills settles in cash on the last day as per the AIs course. Laptops, printers and memory sticks are a godsend on this course (remember to bring a multi plug extension lead there are bugger all power sockets in the classrooms).

    If you go to army cadet there will be reams of information about the course including training programmes.
  6. Thanks!!
    No prob with orders etc, and as ex shooting officer my weapon handling is up to date! Its the practical side that worries me...taking my kids out next weekend for some field training, but have asked the senior cadets to teach, while I become a "cadet" for the day.
    Otherwise think its head in the manual time
  7. with a comment such as that, i sincerely hope you have no involvement in the ACF
  8. Apologies, that was in response to an arrsehole who made an objectionable comment, then deleted it
  9. ah woops - my bad!
  10. Does your county not have access to a CTT? Why not ask them for FC revision? I have and I have a similar background to yours.

    (SI, no prior mil service other than ATC as a cadet and adult. less than 2 years in, ITC to do, some range quals I got elsewhere but valid for ACF use, and 39 years of age)
  11. Fieldcraft is not my strongest subject but when I did KG I found the instruction 1st class and ended up running the last TP the big night exercise and that went bloody well, so dont let it worry you to much. All the points about laptop etc very valid and a must. Finally enjoy it and good luck.
  12. It is all about the very late nights and paperwork. The instruction on the course is more than enough to get you through as long as you "pay attention 007"

    Commander you are right the TP went well in-spite of the trip flare going off early (a whiff of Sabotage?)!

  13. Commander/CO Thank you very much! You ve done a great deal to help boost my confidence. Spent all evening out in the field with my cadets last night - my seniors taught whilst i became a somewhat aged 2* for the evening. Had a ball and learnt a great deal. (old dog/new tricks eh?)
  14. Sibabe - are you doing the course from 28th sept? If so, I ll be on the same one! Im female too and "mature" so nice to know i ll have something in common with at least one other student.

    Agree with previous post, contact your CTT, I have, and have found them to be of great help.

    May be see you in sept!
  15. Dom

    How the hell are you? yes sabotage or maybe a burning!! desire to get back to the warmth. Memory of that is at the FRV waiting for it to kick off being told to evict the Trainer by the DS, bloody Gurkha would not go, :D still think that was part of the ex, to see if you had the balls to throw a senior maj of your ex.

    Stiil we survived, hows things at your end?