Hey London here, if any of you who won want consoling by ULOTC whilst you're down here give us a shout and we'll let you weep into your little lace handkercheifs about your win, over a pint or two of our messes finest...
Nessus said:
PartTimeGeordie said:
Bah second, cheated!

Ah well at least we still get to goto Woolwich.
Think you will find the difference in score between 1st and 2nd was alot more than "Bah second, cheated".
Not too shabby - Edinburgh were 70 points clear this year, and second by one point last year. Given that just over two years ago there were only two qualified OCdts in the troop, that's not bad.

It's got a lot to do with the efforts of a Para Gunner and then a Horse Gunner PSI, and a chunk to do with the effort from the troop :)
your psi was awesome, his little playmobile pony bears my signature, he didn't stop bitching about his accomodation tho. Shame he's gone...
I am amazed, shocked and appalled that Leeds came (effectively) last. I want a rematch without the same IG who got a sad on because our CPO showed some grip and command and control in his direction.

Larkhill can go f off, those megalomaniac sad twats.

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