KGVI time scale?

I completed my ITC last summer camp and am now hopefully going on my AI's in June. Was wondering how soon after I do my AI's can I do my KGVI? Is there a time scale?
A lot of this can depend on your background. An ex reg sergeant, who joined our county did all 3 courses within 12 months. Depending on background and experience, I would personally say serve a bit of time before you do your KGVI, assuming you have no prior military service. Other than that check with your county HQ. I am not sure as to official regulations, though, but the general rule of thumb seems to be 1-2 years between AI and KGVI. Hope this helps.
I have 3 years OTC and 4 years regular service and am hoping to go on the CFCB some time in the future. Would it be advisable to wait until after I have done this? As far as I have been made aware the KGVI is the same course for both AI's and Cadet officers. Is this correct?
It is the course is designed to help you with planning exercises, most counties like you to get some time under your belt first, but like pap says depends on the person and indeed the county!
I would say the norm is 2 years(ish) if your green, but im sure would be benificial to get you in sooner!

Many thanks for the advice. Might leave it a short while just to ensure that I get all the relavent knowledge I need before going on the course. As for being beneficial I`m sure it would as we have a lack of AI's and officers in our company who have any sort of qualifications other than ITC and AI.
Get your self on the Frimleypark website and look at the dates for the courses!
Ask anyone on here me included for advice only too happy to help!

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