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KGVI kit list

having not received any warning orders/joining orders i havent got any idea about what to expext on my KGVI, could somebody forward a kitlist or any info they have on what i need to take, Being ex-reg i dont want to be the only t**t whom turns up totally unprepared! please HELP :?
Your county should have received the course JIs - they get them every year and should be able to copy a set for you.

General list is:
C95's uniform
Fieldcraft kit - (You do not need overnight kit - no stay outs) they can issue you out webbing if you don't have any
model kit useful
Laptop very useful if you have one for writing orders / ex instructions.
Suit & Tie for after hours
No dinner night anymore so no need for mess kit etc
Compass (in degrees)
Copy of Manual (esp fieldcraft bits)
You now need a letter / signed form from your county confirming you have done your WHT within the last 6 months - they threaten you with RTU if you don't have it
thanks, dreading the course, is it a week of bulls**t or shall i expect to be treated like an human! thought being a civvy in uniform should take the bulls**t element out of courses like this!
Course is a good one - most enjoyable, particularly if you enjoy the fieldcraft aspect. Staff have a lot of good ideas and I learnt a lot and have used what I was taught many times. Bull**** is kept to a minimum - although for the planning parts - there is a lot of paperwork to do. If you get on with your squad you'll have a great time - you have to work together or it's more difficult to do well.

If you're on the one next week - good luck and I hope the weathers good for you
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