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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Fulltilt77, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. To anyone that has done it, what is the above course like? how different is it to the A.I's course.
    Is there any prep that i can do prior to attending this course that will help me through.
    I'm looking forward to doing it but its nice to find out what its all about from those that have already been there and done it.

    Many thanks
  2. The KGVI is a much more demanding course then the AIs course. Whereas the AIs course spoon feeds you with a mix of skill at arms, map reading and foot drill the KGVI requires much more self-study late into the night. My KGVI involved the following: weapon handling tests, lecture on the ACFA, lecture on drug awareness, lecture on Army recruiting, many hours preparing orders, command tasks, fieldcraft (lots of planning and rehearsals for two exercises involving ambushes and night patroling), field demonstrations, training with pyrotechnics, planning exercise and a discussion about child protection. I don't think the format has changed too much since I was there. It'd be wise to brush up on the orders process beforehand.
  3. any links or blogs about anybody who has done it and perhaps , give an idea of day to day aspects of traning and practical training so on...

    what website will have good KG6 subjects etc

  4. Listen low on ammo!

    Some things you spout, even as an AI for cadets, is ferkin unbelievable - shut the f up will you and dig a grave you silly little prat!
  5. Fully agree with C_B. As always wise words, sir

    I remember doing Fire Control Orders followed by Section Attacks on the Monday morning. That was in 1992 (September to be exact), so things have probably changed.

    Good luck Filltilt77

    HS12 :D
  6. Thanks for the comments, i will look into what has been mentioned and get my head into the books. I'm also booked to do an alcohol and drugs awareness course in Oct so that should come in handy, must say that i am already fairly aware due to seeing many friends and a brother included playing with all kinds of stuff.

    Saa i'm cool with, but due to that my fieldcraft has slipped...

    Hope i do as well at the KGVI as i did on my A.I's course.
  7. Hi. Country bumpkin has pretty much hit the nail on the head. Good luck and enjoy. Let us all know how you get on.
  8. The old bumpkin is right, my additions are:
    1, Take at minimum 3 sets of CS95.
    2, At least 2 pair of boots, one for the field.
    3, A good knowledge of extracting and preparing a full set of orders.
    4, A good knowledge of how to make a model.
    5, Full knowledge of IC and 2IC roles in a section.
    6, Full webbing, not SAA, you will need the extra pouches.

    PM me your email address if you need anything.
  9. Less the 'old' comment, you cheeky sod Clanker! I'm feeling slightly concerned that so many people seem to agree with my comments!
  10. I think we have the same view on this one C_B. I really enjoyed my KGV1, yes its hard work at times, but I throughly enjoyed it, especially the field exercises. Defiantly worth doing the course.
  11. Ok, let's re-open this post.....I am hoping to go on my KGVI in September so any tips/hints would be great... I am on trg wg at the moment and have a decent instructructor to work alongside to refresh my memory from when I did my Tac course back in 2001 !!
  12. Taff, You would probably be better off asking this over at | ACF | Army | Cadet | - Home forum.
  13. Learn orders, extraction and preparation. If you have a laptop take it. I left mine at home and regretted it.