KGVI Era Scottish Officers Broadsword

Discussion in 'Officers' started by SillySubby, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. I've been entrusted with selling this sword. It is in mint condition (hasn't been used on any champagne) with the original scabbard, basket lining and tassel.
    Any suggestions for a price I should ask for?
  2. Which sword? What regiment?
  3. Can you supply a picture? What was the maker?
    Leather scabbard or nickle?
  4. Have a look on ebay - there's a few there under 'Militaria'.
  5. I would approach the major auctioneers who deal with arms & militaria, if you find a specialised sale you are more likely to find better buyers.

    I'll find a few and get back to you.

  6. Selling your sword just isnt right. Theres more to a sword than 38oz of steel and a price tag.

    Or am I just being over-sentimental?
  7. Not marked with a specific regiment, but last used by KOSB officers. Pictures to follow.

    p.s. I'm one of those weird non-combatant types who don't carry swords...
  8. In a previous post you said you were RAMC. In which case you can carry a sword, you just don't draw it.
  9. SillySubby: What have you decided vis-a-vis your sword? Have you placed a price on it? Are you still planning to post photos?