KGVI competition

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Iamagoldfish, Oct 17, 2003.

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  1. I'm Just looking for anyone who has any stories of the comp.
  2. Cambridge OTC coming flying past one day a few years back sans one wheel on their light gun :lol:
  3. never failed to nail some trollop from another OTC throughout four competitions! Nice to see so many of them in the Army today - you know who you are - well done :twisted:
  4. then again there was the kid from northumbria who got run over by the light gun - clumsy twat - still, his missus was fit and needed comforting..... :twisted:
  5. Nice lass from Cambridge OTC a few years back serviced a large number of other OTCs on the guns cse and picked up the great name of septic bucket.

    If you’re out there get it touch. I’ve got a mate who hasn’t had a sniff since he left OTC and that was years ago.
  6. loving the amount of press Camb OTC gets re KGVI. Just like to remind any CUOTC bods out there that you were last this year. Ha! Incidentally, the septic bucket contracted something nasty and copped it (I hope)
  7. Its not the winning it’s the participating that counts.

    Referring to the competition not Septic. (Depraved as I am just couldn’t!)
  8. why participate if not to win? works for septic buckets as well!
  9. You don't remember Septic then.
  10. if we are on the subject of competitions, may i remind CUOTC, OUOTC, EOTC and whoever else was there, that ULOTC soundly drubbed all comers this year at Utopian Vagabond? (to all those not endowed with a battle chariot, big furk off metal thing with gun, UV is the RAC competition) they obviously just weren't cav enough!!!!

    (no offence intended towards but nevertheless, cue abuse from: Inf, RE, REME, Sigs, Loggies)

  11. Find that very hard to believe judging by the standard of students today
  12. lets not be too harsh on the septic one; she was very generous, talented and flexible. Granted, it was a very large porridge pot to stir but after a few pints of port and baileys the lure of a light gun platform and that thing without morals was just too much to handle. You know who you are, all who played in her eight night bonanza :wink:
  13. is it true about an Army Myth regarding an RA Troop enabled OTC shelling some school playing fields accidentally and then having to buckshee a MACC task to knock up an adventure playground as some sort of compensation / bribe?????
  14. They were aiming for the nearby council estate, presumably...
  15. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Bit dangerous trying that kind of thing in London, most of the locals are better armed than us!